10 After Breakup Attitude Quotes

10 After Breakup Attitude Quotes

It is true indeed that breakup with a person whom you truly loved is really painful, it entirely depends on how you see it. If you see it just as an observer, it is not actually that painful. What more, it will also change your attitude towards it. “The most significant change in a person’s life is a change of attitude. Right attitude produces right actions.” So, go above your emotions and see the situation from a bird’s eye view. Things will seem easier then.

Once he/she is gone, it’s all over. There is no use lingering to the feelings you have associated with your ex because there is nothing that you can do about it. Just move on. These 10 After Breakup Attitude Quotes will change your attitude towards life and helps give you the right attitude, leading you to right actions. Here you go.

1. Crying over a guy? Nahh, pick your head up princess. Your tiara is falling.

A princess should never put her head down in front of anyone. Never let your tiara fall because of someone who left you without caring for you. There is no use of it, girl. Let him go. There are many deserving people also your right man waiting to get into your life.

2. If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. – Paulo Coelho

Yes. Saying goodbye to someone whom you love takes a lot of courage. But, life compensates the pain caused by it with new hello. Indeed, life is a continuing journey of old goodbyes and new hellos.

3. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

No one has the right to intrude into your private life, not even your partner. No one has given him/her the rights to boss over you or act superior to you. So, dying with respect is better than surrendering to somebody who does not respect you.

4. I don’t have an attitude problem, just a personality you can’t handle.

You may have changed your attitude towards you ex and he/she must have spoken about this indirectly. If he/she recognises your attitude towards him/her and doesn’t recognise why you are like this, he/she is just unable to handle your personality.

5. My attitude is a result of your actions! So, if you don’t like my attitude, blame yourself.

The change in your attitude was indeed a result of his/her actions – actions of ignoring you, not caring for your emotions and so on. So, your ex indeed has to blame himself or herself for such behaviour of yours.

6. Some people come in your life as blessings, others as lessons.

Life is like a long journey. People come and people go. Some of them come as blessings. They add happiness to your life. Others come as lessons. They come and teach you the realities of life bringing you back to reality. Both add something to your life. Just accept and move on.

7. If someone treats you like a joke, leave them like it’s funny.

If that’s your ex who treated you like a joke, laughed at you and moved away, just leave them like it’s funny. You will also get a chance to laugh at him/her. So, just laugh at him for leaving you and forget.

8. Being single doesn’t mean no one wants you. It means God is still busy writing your love story.  

Don’t worry, your story has still not reached the interval. There is a long way to go. It is still a love story in the making. God is still writing your love story. So, NEVER pine for somebody when you are single. Someone else more deserving is waiting to come into your life.

9. I cried when you left me But I laughed when I saw what you left me for.

You cried when he/she left you, but you are far more precious than what your ex can handle. So, stop crying and laugh for what she/he has left and for what meagre thing. Think that you are that precious stone which has just come out of shackles of the fist of a monkey. So, forget it and move on.

10. You not wanting me was the beginning of me wanting myself. Thank you.

Right that moment when your ex started ignoring you, you became alone. But take this as an opportunity when you started loving yourself. So, instead of wanting someone else, you are wanting yourself. This is a great time for self-discovery. Thank your ex instead of cursing him/her.

Life is a series of changes. Change is the essence of life. Take this rebound period as an opportunity to learn to give place to deserving people in your life and also for some self-discovery. Breakups are not the full stops, they are just those semi-colons which change the course of your life. Remember, a sentence never ends with a semi-colon, neither life with a breakup. Wish you a very bright future and may more loving people come in your life who will never desert you.

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