10 Signs He Wants You Back After Breakup

10 signs he wants you back after break up

In many cases break up can be an impulsive decision or even if it was not, your ex still has feelings for you and above everything he wants you back. Well, he wouldn’t just admit it off the table, yet will show some signs or send some signs of how badly he wants you back. Well, there will be mixed signals too where you can get puzzled not understanding if he wants a second round in the relationship or just be good friends. If you require clarity then here are some signs he would certainly show if he wants you back.

  1. The apology

Its been a week or even a month since you guys have decided to part ways, yet you guys are in touch and even today he apologizes you for just being a jerk or even being silly to call off the relationship. He wouldn’t obviously start a conversion with “I am sorry baby for what I have done, please take me back”, but he would completely just throw that in, in a middle of a conversation saying something like “I can’t believe I broke up with you” “I am sorry for whatever I have done” or “ I regret breaking up with you”. This kind of statements means that he strongly remorse what he had done.

  1. Asking about you all over the town

Did your best friend tell you that he asked about you, your wellbeing, or even your sibling or that cousin whom you have introduced to him long ago. This clearly says that they still care about you and want to know what is happening in your life post break up.

  1. Calling you for the dumbest reasons

 He can call you for the lamest reasons just to talk to you. These things can be as silly as calling you to find out that song you always liked or even the address of your orthodontist. You might just end the call by a one-word answer, but they try to find ways and means just to call you. If he is calling you very frequently then don’t ignore this sign as we generally call someone very often only when we miss them too much.

  1. Finding an excuse to touch you

If he is working or  studying in the same place as you, things can get a little awkward. And it can get even more awkward if he is finding an excuse to touch you. It just shows that he is still protective of you and maybe trying to show others his territory. Also, it indicates that he wants you to be comfortable with him.

  1. You bump into him everywhere

Even if he is not the same place you work or study, there are many cases you just bump into him and he acts it off to be a coincidence. Not everything is a coincidence, it could be that he is constantly checking yours or your friend’s social media to find out where you are checking in and to meet you over there. It shows that he just wants you back even if you call him a creepy stalker.

  1. They will do anything for you

Even if you continue to be friends with him after the breakup, he would still pretend to be more than “just friends”.  It can get very confusing at times as not understanding what he is trying to emphasize. He will say friends but do things that even best of friends wouldn’t do for each other. If he does this, then nothing is more clear than the fact that he wants you back.

  1. Follow you on social media

In many cases post-breakup people unfollow each other on social media as they just cannot and also don’t prefer to face each other any time soon. But, if he is still following you and being the first one to like and comment on the pictures or posts you have posted, then it is a very straightforward sign that he wants you back.

  1. Walking you down the memory lane

Ever in a conversation with him where he talks about all the good moments you have had with him, how silly you were or how stupid he was and how much it makes him laugh/smile even today. It shows that he is still thinking about those happy times and most importantly you in all of them. Its like even after the break up he has never come out of that relationship zone.

  1. He keeps telling you how much he has changed

During the relationship if there were certain things about him that bothered you and you kept on telling him to stop/change that and he didn’t listen to you back then, but now, he tells you that he has changed. It would be anything such as “I have stopped smoking now” or “I am procrastinating so much as I used to”. These say that how much he has changed in a good way because of you and would never want to lose you.

  1. He always finds a reason to hang out with you

It can be a very silly thing like “I have been reading this book. It is amazing. I think you should read it. Let’s meet so I can lend it to you.” Or it can just be “I have a spare ticket to the match. Wanna join?” it is obvious that he brought the ticket thinking of you and want to watch it along with you.

There can be other signs of constantly asking your dating status, getting jealous by seeing you with someone else, the “drunk texts” or the  “drunk calls” , the fake ones too.

If you find these signals from him and if you still have feelings or want him back, it would be better to confront him and admit your feelings for him so both of you can be happy.

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