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Get Back With Your Ex

Get Back With Your Ex in One Amazing Move

Breaking up unexpectedly… it’s the worst feeling in the universe. It can cause distress and panic and can easily send you into a downward spiral of depression. Worst of all, it can also cause you to give up hope… even
Lady sitting on top of a mountain

How To Be Alone After A Breakup?

Many times after ending a relationship, we go through internal mourning. A breakup is always painful, whether it is breaking up with a partner, losing a family member, or a friendship. Separations are part of our daily lives, yet we
text your ex

The Best Ways To Text Your Ex And Get Them Back

When you’ve recently broken up with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and want them back, it can be a struggle to figure out how to get them. Many people find that the hardest part is trying to figure out what to
My ex blocked me

Why Did My Ex Block Me?

Why did my ex block me on social media? Your ex might have blocked you on social media as a way to end things with you and move on. After all, it’s easy for someone to pretend they’re over you

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zodiac signs

How Zodiac Signs Handle Breakups And Rejection

Breakups always mark an important event in your lifetime. No matter whether it’s tough or easy, not only is it a sudden adjustment to your life, but it’s also an emotional moment of rejection and loss. You once spent a
Unexpected breakup

4 Stages Of Grief After An Unexpected Breakup

An unexpected or premature death doesn’t seem like a breakup at first. Yet it is, and a stark one at that. Whether it is a lengthy illness or your lover’s unexpected or premature death, the biochemical shock of this kind
Move on

Life Is About Moving On, And So Should We!

Life is a series of experiences waiting to happen. Unless you step out of your comfort zone, take a chance, and chase your dreams, you will never experience life as you’re meant to. We don’t know what life has in
How to be happy single

How To Be Happy After A Breakup?

Yeah, breakups are hard, but we need to understand that a “breakup is just a phase, and it is temporary.” There might be a lot of questions bugging you during this phase, especially ones like how to move on after
Rebound Relationship

Can A Rebound Turn Into Real Love?

Rebound love is defined as the period immediately following the breakup of a romantic relationship. This period can be indefinite; who knows when it will break free. For any person, a romantic partner must have fulfilled his or her emotional
Coffee Date

10 Coffee Date Tips

Have you been texting them for a couple of weeks now, or even if you are meeting them for the first time? Coffee dates are the best and safest as they are not that formal or informal. They come in