Dating Indian Men – 10 Reasons Why It’s Difficult?

Disclaimer: First things first, the events, characters, and facts depicted in this article are quite generalized. We’re not claiming these applies to “every” man in the country. Exceptions are always there and there’s no statement that applies to all of us, never can be. We expect the person reading this, does carry that sensibility and gets the humor while reading this piece. In this post,  we will discuss all about – Dating Indian Men.

Dating Indian Men – 10 Reasons Why It’s Difficult?

Indian men are unique in their own way. Yes, there are several clichés you get to hear about Indian men, and though many of them are true, you can never quite understand them fully and also with time Indian men are also breaking many stereotypes and evolving as a person. Although dating Indian men, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Fun and dangerous at the same time, thebreakupcafe presents you 10 things that you must know Why is it Difficult Dating Indian Men?

1. The Way They Try to Woo You!

woo you

Well, there is something seriously wrong with Indian movies and daily soaps. The way they have projected the definition of approaching girls is something that is totally misleading and sometimes, disrespectful. Just for the record, wooing does not involve cat-calling, followed by ‘that’ creepy smile or talking in a way that makes it so obvious that our breasts are all that’s on your mind! But unfortunately Indian men have grown up and evolved watching these craps and we really can not expect anything better from them!

2. The Stares…Image result for gangs of wasseypur

When it comes to Indian men, it is hard to differentiate between a glance and a venereal stare. It might make you uncomfortable at times while finding yourself scanned by a random stranger in a metro or a bus. What’s more? Their eyes are talented enough to scan a female body within microseconds. Inherently faulty eyeballs or inherently sick mentality? Difficult to figure out!

2. How They Look!

how they look

You could rely on most Indian men to look drab except at early dates and weddings, They are mostly not the blue-eyed boy that you might see in your dreams. They are no prince-charming when it comes to how they look. Although that’s changing now with the notion of marketing of grooming products and ever-sprouting gyms in the localities, they are also slowly changing themselves from flab to fab!

4. The Over-possessiveness


“Do not talk to your male friends”, “Do not meet your friends”, “Do not go that place”, “Do not work in that office”, “Do not eat that”. “Why are you still online?” “Who are the people you work with at work?” Oh! Who the heck do they think they are? We really don’t need two dads.

5. Wrong Ideologies

wrong ideologies

Indian men tend to generalize women a lot. She has a tattoo, enjoys a drink or two and hangs out with her male friends, so she must definitely be ‘easy,’ right? So she will sleep with everyone and her character is not right. You can roam around all night with your friends, but she can not. And if God forbid if anything wrong happens to her, then blame her clothes for that. Is it insecurity, ego issues or an inferiority complex? Be a man and face the fact that we have a life and it’s okay to be involved in it. Honestly, this is where you need to get back to some common sense.

6. They really don’t know what “Dating” is!

Image result for raanjhanaa

Yes, we went on a date with you. Yes, we enjoyed your company. No, it is not all right to presume that we will sleep with you, marry you and produce offspring for you. And just because we went on a date, doesn’t mean we’ve devoted our lives to being subservient to your feelings and choices! We really wish Indian men would buy themselves Dating for Dummies already!

And then you know what’s the worst? They are with you, but they still have the right to ogle at women passing by. Venereal stares are forgivable according to Indian men. So are sexual innuendos. Unless they are acted upon themselves. Pfft!!!!

7. The Mumma’s boy

mumma's boy

His parents have treated him like a prince all his life. And he is used to that and expects you to treat him like that only! Nothing and no one can ever supersede the Indian mother. You might be the prettiest, talented, kindest people on the planet but you have to be approved by ‘Mumma’ first! And quite often it is found that although he is in a relationship for years but ends up marrying some other girl because after all, Mommy insists on an arranged marriage for her prince.

8. The Spitting and Pissing Syndrome

spitting and pissing

It is quite often you will find men stop their cars in the middle of rush hour traffic, open their fly, pull out their appendage and piss on the road in full public view. Honestly, are they expecting a standing ovation?

9. The Sex Taboo


Coming from the land of Kama Sutra, we are ashamed to admit that Indian men know nothing about the female body. They still want their lady to be found as a virgin on their first night together but hate the period blood coming out of the body of that same lady. Menstruation is still a taboo for them and honestly, the entire blame can not be put on them entirely for this. The society is the main culprit over here and they have also grown with the same mentality. Studies have shown that larger the ego, smaller the appendage. In fact, studies also show that men who honk a lot are sexually frustrated beings. Now you know!

10. Conservatism


They are too bothered about caste, religions, skin-tone and other pointless standards set by our society. You’re both not the same caste, so it’s not working out? Sure! So why doesn’t he quit breathing the same air too? And then brutal incidents like “Honour killings” are still observed in many states of India yet. What are we still living in, the 1800s?

Well, again this is not the case all the time and this is a mere generalized view. Dating Indian Men might be difficult, but then there are also those who have all the ability to surprise you. They make you feel magical and loved irrespective of all the societal inhibitions and myths. So don’t restrict your heart from loving someone just because of his/her ethnicity or origin. Exceptions are always there. And who knows? You might find your soulmate in this very person. After all, the heart wants what it wants! Right?


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