How to Walk Away from Someone You Love?

Breakups can be quite gritty to cope up with especially when it is someone whom you love. The choice of letting your lover go, with whom you have had innumerable memories can be pretty tough. It can leave you either in a state of guilt followed by relief or sometimes even vice-versa; or a state of dejection. There may be an ample number of reasons for initiating the course of action. But whatever it is, firstly and most essentially you should be sure you want to do this. It shouldn’t be like just because you got indulged in a heated argument and suddenly decided you cannot take it anymore and want to break up. So, how to break up long-term relationship? What to say to break up with someone? And most importantly, how to break up with someone without hurting them? Let’s not sugarcoat it because there’s no way to break up without feeling the pain. Thebreakupcafe brings you 10 ways elucidating How to Walk Away from Someone you Love.

how to break up with someone without hurting them

How To Walk Away From Someone You Love?

One important point to keep in mind is to realize that you can never ever break up expecting your partner to come chasing you so that you can accept him back and be in the “on and off” phase you keep hearing of. Let’s face the reality, you are not Ross and Rachel from the“Friends”. This concept can quite be the fantasy, but in real life, the constant “on and off” can impose heap of pain on both of you.

So, how to walk away from relationship?

Before you move ahead with it, it is essential for you to take up some time and make sure you really want to do this. And if the answer is yes, here are the 10 ways defining how to break up a relationship with someone you love.

1. Talk to your partner in person

Be brave and talk to him/her in person as it is very crucial for you to be physically present in the entire thing, as there are chances of miscommunication that might ruin the situation even further. You have to address him in person so that you can resolve any misconceptions and end the relationship in a very respectable way. Texting or emailing would make you feel off the load that you have been carrying, but that relief isn’t sustainable. After all, you guys were in love and they at least deserve to be addressed personally. How To Break Up A Relationship With Someone You Love


2. Be very clear of the reason.

In your mind, you have to be very clear as to why you are doing this. Be honest with them and be honest with yourself. Also, don’t play the blame game, just truthfully tell them the cause that made you arrive in this situation. Accepting your mistakes, if you have made any, wouldn’t make you small. Be bold. And be frank.

how to break up with someone without hurting them


3. Be Quick!

This doesn’t imply to call off your relationship with a single statement and then run away. Finish whatever you have to say and give them a chance to explain. But do it at once. Don’t drag it for a week.

how to break up a relationship with someone you love


4. Wondering – What do I say now? Say – What’s not working!

As we already mentioned, you have to be certain of the purpose of the meeting. Once you have taken a decision to break up, don’t step back. However, do not get started with the things that you love about the relationship. That would just confuse your partner. Rather tell them, what’s not working and why you can’t see a future with them. You always have to project it with regard.

how to break up a relationship with someone you love


5. Don’t get drifted by your emotions.

There’s no denying that it can be really hard to break up with someone you love, whom you never thought of letting go; with whom you never anticipated something like this would happen. But remember that you have your own reasons and you are justified by it. So don’t let your emotions come in between. Being overly emotional can increase your guilt, which is what you don’t want during a confrontation. Yeah, it’s going to be hard but this is precisely how to walk away from someone you love.

6. Keep it to the point.

Don’t go beating around the bush regarding the breakup. Don’t complicate it; just say it. Release all that you have held within you that was not letting you breathe. Tell them how much you loved them yet how they failed to live up to your expectations; how it was always you who have put in their whole heart without getting anything in return. However, always end with something positive like “I am glad I’ve got to know you” or “I’m happy we shared such a beautiful time together.”


7. Keep the situation under your control

You need to think of what your partner’s response might be, and his counter-statement to everything you say. You need to think of all odds and possibilities like crying, lashing, begging etc. In this way, you can ensure that everything goes according to what you have planned and the situation can stay under your control.

how to break up a relationship with someone you love


8. Don’t go overboard

The aim is very simple, to be honest, to be to the point and end it in a respectful way. Don’t get angry, don’t shout on them, just be calm and tell them. Maintain the composure. This can be very difficult yet the reality has to be faced. So be defiant, say it as kindly as possible. Don’t be brutal, there are hearts at stake.

9. Letting go of love of your life – No looking back!

You have decided to break up and you did it. There is no place for past relationships, so don’t look back. Don’t carry the burden of past baggage as you move forward. Letting go of love and moving on is the motto. And never let your past decide your future. There’s a reason why you chose this. Never forget that reason.

How To Break Up A Relationship With Someone You Love


10. Finally, Walking away from the one you love!

After the breakup is done on a peaceful note with mutual agreement, then it’s wise to befriend him/her. It’s no harm.  You loved them once beyond everything else, and you might be still respecting them for who they are. Again this friendship should be feasible only if there is room limit interaction. And if they still have feelings for you, then you might unintentionally end up hurting them. Also, it can give them false hopes.

How To Break Up A Relationship With Someone You Love


How to walk away from Someone you Love is not something that can be rehearsed or something that will go as planned. Breaking up with someone you love and live with is probably one of the terrible feelings in the world. Noone wants to feel that. But sometimes, we need to make a choice for having a better life with or without that person. It’s a difficult call but only you can make that choice.




Contributed by Sai Drishya


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