10 Psychological Facts about Attraction, Love and Relationships

Feelings and emotions can be really tricky and difficult to comprehend, especially when you are trying to decipher those of someone you know. There are several questions that bugs you in the back of your mind – Are you simply an acquaintance? Are you guys just friends? Is it love, attraction, or just a crush? There are many layers associated with all kinds of relationship and it’s not always clear where you stand with someone. However, there are some interesting facts that can help you decide how you feel about a person or how a person feels about you and perceives your companionship. In this post, thebreakupcafe brings you a list of amazing Psychological Facts about Attraction, Love and Relationships that you can learn and also share with your peers.

Understanding attraction and falling in Love

Psychologists are discovering more and more about human attraction every day. Some of these facts may surprise you, annoy you, or may even help you try your luck in flirting. Crushing on someone or courtship rituals may actually seem pretty simple at first glance – two people get together, and usually within a few minutes of conversation form an opinion about each other – regarding whether they’re sexually attracted to each other and want to take it further. But what exactly makes a person attractive? When you ask people or even yourself, it’s quite unexplainable why you love someone. People say things like “I just knew he was the one,” or “She was love at first sight.” But, with studies and research, psychologists are now slowly uncovering what really goes inside the surface and how reactions vary depending on how each individual sees it. What do you think – are love and attraction just chemical reactions? If so, does that make love less entrancing and magical for you? Or does that in fact make love even more interesting and mysterious? Let’s find out.


10 Psychological Facts about Attraction, Love and Relationships

It is not always easy to differentiate romantic crushes from love as there is a very fine line between such feelings. Well, according to Psychologists, “crushes occur when a person of any age projects their ideas and values onto another person whom they believe to possess certain attributes and feel the desire to be associated with. Then, the person with the crush attaches strong positive feelings to this magical image that they create in their mind. It is, indeed, a powerful mixture of idealization and infatuation. Crush is fleeting, on the surface. Love, on the other hand, is intense and runs deep in your heart. It’s so much more than just an infatuated feeling. Well, sometimes it takes us a moment to figure out and sometimes, it might even take a lifetime. So, worry not. Scroll through these top 10 interesting Psychological Facts about Attraction, Love and Relationships. Enjoy the read as you decipher the meaning of whatever you feel.

1. So are you having a crush on him for more than 3 months now? Then it might be something more…(well, might just be!)

crush or love


2. If she blushes too much, don’t go away. Psychologists say that it might be a sign of her being a great lover!  


3. Make the first 34 minutes with her worth it. If you really want to make her yours, make it count! 🙂


4. Yeah, it’s always not flirting. May be she is being playful, or friendly, or just try to have some fun around you. But men tend to take it in a wrong way at times.


5. Girls, look out for that forehead kiss! It’s good news(if you are looking for a real, long term relationship)!


6. This is one of the cutest Psychological Facts about Attraction and Crushes. Don’t you think? 😉

fun fact


7. So now you know, what you need to do get that intense love-making episode come to reality! 😛


8. This is quirky! Did you know this? So if you plan to hook up any night, let your girl drink more! 😉


9. Woah! This is yet another interesting Psychological Facts about Love and Crushes! How long did it take you?


10. Keep going girl, you will find him! Soon enough! <3


Well, these were well-established facts. They are interesting, quirky, hopefully, they answer a lot of questions in our mind.

However, there is one more. And I feel, that certainly holds true for all of us. Check it out yourself! 😉


Everyone seems to think their in love with someone these days, especially if they’ve been together for ages. Time doesn’t really guarantee love. Love is much more than just a crush, or lust or mere infatuation. It is a very strong and intense attraction to feel. It’s that attraction you feel around them that makes you want to know them more or be with them more. 




It’s easy to assume that the crux of attraction comes down to sight, with maybe a few brain chemicals thrown in. Sight certainly is crucial in the psychology of attraction. But it turns out that feelings dig deeper than just sight. Hopefully, these Psychological Facts About Attraction, Love and Relationships will come handy. The aim is to find out at the end whether you are in love, obsessed or crushing on someone. Good luck.





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