How Sagittarius Deal With Breakups and Rejection

If you are born under the sign of Centaur, you certainly sport a fiery and sizzling spirit in love. You crave for passion, romance, lust, and adventures – all in one. You are one most fun loving people in the expanse of Zodiac cycle.  In fact, a typical Sagi can easily breeze through weird as well as stressful events. They generally don’t sweat on small stuff because it’s not worth it. Not that they don’t ever take things seriously. They do. But only when they feel it’s necessary. But when it comes to relationships, they do not hesitate to hold back. Although, it might take some time for them to completely open up to their partners and commit. But just like everyone else’s, not all relationships with the sweet Sagittarius works out. In this post, we will discuss how Sagittarius deal with Breakups and Rejection.


This is how Sagittarius deal with Breakups 

Wondering how Sagittarius handle exes? They don’t. Most of the times, the breakups with Sagittarius is triggered because of their lack of sensitivity. They might come across as people who tend to get over faster than others.

Sagi's won't wait for you to disappoint them again!
Sagi’s won’t wait for you to disappoint them again!

Certainly, it’s not that he’s not hurting or that he forgets the ex quickly; it’s just that he doesn’t want to hold on to the past. Or, maybe, show his true feelings. What one would find particularly irritating is that although they’re happy to point out all your failings, because they tend to be rather self-righteous it’s unusual for them to admit to their own.  However, betrayal or lack of honesty is the ultimate deal breaker for the Sagittarians.

No more chances
No more Chances!

Coping up for Sagittarius after a Break Up

Generally, a “Sagittarius after the breakup” is a hella different from the “Sagittarius you had in the relationship”. It’s not that doesn’t care, it’s just that he is enjoying his newly found freedom and might get back to you when he is done cherishing it. Sounds harsh? Yes, but to him, you are no longer a priority that you once were. Nonetheless, accept it Sagittarius, the pain of breakup even burns you! Even if the pain period stays for a short time, you could use some help to get through the blues post-relationship. So thebreakupcafe presents a few ways how Sagittarius deal with Breakups and overcome the pain of heartbreak.

1. Socialize. Hang Out with Old & New Friends.

What you need to understand is that nothing turns off this sign more than being tied down or restrained. That is why when a Sagittarius dumps you, it’s most probably because they’ve had enough of you trying to cut down their “own space”.  So Sagittarius, now that you have said goodbye to the “control freak ex” of yours, it’s time you start fluttering your wings and fly around.

Let's catch up !
Don’t hide your Pain in Solitude!

Get your Charms on the roll. Catch up with old buddies. Socialize. Hang out with new friends. And leave the past behind.  You are better off without someone who cannot handle you.


2. Focus on Personal Development.

Breakups are one of those universally shitty things everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime. Then there are some who endure one breakup…then another, and then another! You are one of them Sagittarius! It’s time you get your shit back together!
Keep trying!
Keep trying!

Take good….really good care of yourself! Accompany a pal to a yoga class or join a gym and make a promise to yourself “To Never Let Yourself Down”.  Exercises and workouts (of any kind) actually help brush off any depressive or anxious tendencies, not to mention the obvious: You’re single now. So definitely, work it out!


 3. Go Shopping. Spend on yourself.

Sounds materialistic? Yeah, but it’s true that money can give you happiness if you know where to invest it. Shopping is the best way to revive back the Sagittarius “happy-go-lucky” confidence and feel good about you. Pick up the best dress or tee, and go, paint the city red. No matter how bold and realistic you are Sagittarian, everyone needs some self-pampering. And, so do you!

Shopping takes away the bad thoughts and the world feels better again!
Shopping takes away the bad thoughts and the world feels better again!
4. Aim. Study. And Make Things Happen.

Sagittarius tends to be enthusiastic about life and optimistic about the future. They see no point in dwelling over their misfortunes and instead focus on playing to their strengths. They’re not afraid to aim high and they’re just crazy enough to believe that they can make all of their dreams come true if they just chase them hard enough.

how Sagittarius deal with Breakups 

So, what are you waiting for? Buckle up and shoot for the stars! Because you know, you can!

5. Finding New Things.

Immediately after the breakup, Sagittarius tends to find new links – whether it’s to people, or new friends, or new things to try out. That’s what you should try for crossing the difficult phase! Now may be absolutely a good time to direct your energy to foster healthy as well as new friendships. Find comfort in those bonds that don’t necessitate you shaving certain areas. Avoid meeting the mutual friends between you and your ex! Save yourself from all sorts of teen drama.

how Sagittarius deal with Breakups 

So make new plans. Learn a new language. Try a new adventure. Make new friends. Try a new cuisine. Visit a new place. Do “whatever” new you wanna do. Because this is the time.

Well, Sagittarius, you are charmer yourself. Feel good and feel motivated. Because the best is really yet to come, and you have so much to do! And, there’s definitely Dating on the cards!

Tips for Dating a Sagittarius Woman or Man

Here are some Dating Tips before you get that Stunning Personality of yours rolling –

Lucky Color 2018:  Pink, Red, Purple, and Violet

Lucky Numbers 2018: 6, 16, 23, 60, and 81

Lucky Days 2018: Friday, Monday, and Tuesday

Best Compatible Partners: Aquarius and Libra


However, if you are looking for some inspiration, then take a look at some of the popular Celebrity Breakups. 

Sagittarius Biggest Celebrity Breakups of all Time!

Scroll through these amazing personalities and feel inspired how Sagittarius deal with Breakups and Rejection.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Fans were thrown for a loop when in September 2016 the news broke out stating Angelina Jolie and  Brad Pitt split up after 11 years of being together. These two breaking up was like “I don’t want to believe in Love” anymore. Nevertheless, fans still cherish the complete timeline of 12 years of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


In spite of being a steamingly compatible duo of Gemini (Angelina) and Sagittarius (Brad), these guys, at last, had to go part ways! But didn’t mean that their lives got over! In fact, Brangelina continues to raise their six children, participate in humanitarian projects, oh, and the movies — after all, they’re actors. We can only hope to see more of these two in future!

Don’t miss on their steamy action-comedy movie about two (married) spies: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Preceeding Jolie and Brad, we shouldn’t forget the biggest breakup that broke a lot of hearts!

Brad Pitt & Jeniffer Aniston
Jen & Brad
Jennifer & Brad divorced after 5 years of marriage.
The Sagittarius-Aquarius Duo were America’s hottest celebrity couple for five years and went strong from 2000 to 2005 before announcing their official breakup.
Other Popular Breakups
Anna Faris & Chris Pratt
Anna Faris & Chris Pratt
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


Do Sagittarius Move on Fast? Do rebounds work?

When Sagittarius dates someone – and is really into them – she thinks of them as her best friend; someone she can really connect with on an emotional level. She isn’t great with serious relationships, but if she feels like there is a solid friendship as the foundation, it helps her loosen up a bit. When Sagittarius rebounds, it’s because she misses that friendship.

Sagittarius Deal With Breakups and Rejection
Sagittarians always look for a best friend to rely on!

For Sagittarius, there are a lot of different kinds of relationships and dynamics between couples. For a while, Sagittarius may go on to live casually.  But just to fill the gap of dependable friendship, they might actually go for rebound relationships, just to feel affectionate with someone she feels close to. In fact, it can almost be guaranteed that her rebound guy will be a friend they have known for years. Well, this is how Sagittarius deal with Breakups and Rejection.


Lastly, Sagittarius Relationship Advice

Now that you have got a clearer glimpse of How Sagittarius deal with Breakups and Rejection, we hope it’ll guide to get past this terrible phase. Nevertheless, it’s also very important for us to pamper ourselves at times. We deserve it! 

Don't tame the wolf inside you

Yes, that’s true! Now as Sagittarians, are happiest when outdoors, traveling or having fun. You can plan a nice trip for yourself and go somewhere you always wanted to go. And, never ever give anyone that right to change the way you are. Because you are beautiful the way you are.




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