10 Motivational Quotes on Breakup for 2018

Perhaps that is the worst thing about love – it might end one day and leave an excruciating, never-ending pain in the chest. And ever since, you feel a hurricane in place of what you called the heart! As Socrates said, “The hottest love has the coldest end.” It’s only a few who find lifelong happiness with their first love – others just learn ways to fight the state of depression that wraps around you when a relationship ends and your heart feels like it’s never going to be whole again. But trust me and all others who have been in love deeply and then fallen hard too, you will learn to trust and love again in the course of your life. This post is created with some of the most Motivational Quotes on Breakup that will help you get back to your life and find your focus back.

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Well, at least once in a lifetime we all feel the euphoria of falling in love, feel the passion, lust, adventure, desire, and most importantly, feel good with the one we thought would be “the one”. But unfortunately that balloon of dreams got pricked, now you are hurt. Now all you feel is pain and emptiness. Now, you know that the one you had put on the highest priority doesn’t even deserve to be loved. I guess that’s just life! We all have our own definitions of perfect love, we dream of every night unless we think we have got it, but as life goes on, we go through many relationships and as many breakups.

10 Motivational Quotes on Breakup

So don’t mope around after your breakup. Thebreakupcafe presents you a list of 10 extremely Motivational Quotes on Breakup that will help you get back to life and find your focus back. Scrolling through the following quotes would certainly help you get perspective and nonetheless, it’ll be a good read full of inspirational vibes. Something you really need right now. So don’t hesitate to indulge in them freely and wholeheartedly.

1. Well, sometimes we all need Reality checks.

Heartbreaks suck! Yeah! But sometimes these heartbreaks are very much required to give us a reality check, to make us realize that we deserve so much more yet we are trying so hard to settle for something less. Why would you want that? So don’t cry over the “Why’s”. You would know it as soon as something nice would happen to you. 

motivational quotes on breakup

2. It’s true, Everything actually happens for a reason!

It might sound cliched, and overhyped. But it is, in fact, a FACT! Everything indeed happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust carefully. You might not get it now. But eventually, you would. And trust me, it will get better.

motivational quotes on breakup

3. You can never be everyone’s favorite!

It’s very important for us to understand that we can never satisfy everyone, whether close to us or not! Everyone won’t be impressed by you. Maybe they like you once but they don’t anymore. Big deal! People change, feelings change, so do their perceptions about you. Afterall you can’t change for them. And you shouldn’t. Because if someone has to love you, they would love perpetually irrespective of all the shortcomings. You are not perfect and you might not be perfect for everyone. But, you will one day find someone whose life would be perfect with you in it.

motivational quotes on breakup

4. Be happy, You are capable of loving passionately. Most can’t!

So what you had a breakup? So what you loved a wrong person? Never regret any relationship. Because it wasn’t a complete waste of time. Thanks to your ex, you now know what you were settling for and what you actually deserve. And most importantly, if you could love and adore someone not worthy of you, imagine the kind of epic love you will experience when you find “the one”.

If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.

5. Better days are coming! And, they will!

It’s true that when we lose something extremely close to our heart, we feel lost, empty, and we lose all hope. Well, it’s only normal to feel this way. But don’t forget that love is just a part of life, an important one, but not the entire life. It’s just a bad relationship, a bad phase, and a bad choice. We all do it. We all experience it. So, don’t lose hope. Hold on to it tightly.

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

6. Know that you are worth it!

So many people stay in unhealthy relationships, feeling trapped, resenting love, and thinking that’s how relationships should be like. When you don’t know how much you’re actually worth, and when you haven’t found a way to accept, honor, love and respect all that you are, you will allow other people to treat you poorly and you will end up neglecting all the good things coming your way. Don’t let that happen to you. Relationships are meant to be cherished by love and companionship, certainly not by means of compromises.

Respect Yourself Enough To Know You Deserve The Very Best

7. You haven’t lost anything. It’s their loss.

Don’t feel sad, sorry, or raged because he broke up with you. It might feel like you are losing a big part of your life. You might feel heavy and lost. But trust me, you are not even losing a cent. You did your best. You loved him to the core. You are just parting your ways from someone who never loved you. But he is losing you. he is losing the person who loved him. So it’s not your fault really. If anything, you can pity him.

Why should you be sad? You lost someone who didn't love you. But they lost someone who loved them.

8. Never regret your relationship!what you

It’s okay you loved a wrong person! It’s okay you made a mistake. Because only then you know what you truly want. In fact, thanks to your ex, now you know what you shouldn’t look for in future. Thanks to that relationship, you are a little wiser, a little more mature, and a little more grown. Post-Breakup is certainly the best time to know yourself better and cherish yourself!

It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

9. Don’t dwell much on the Past! It’s gone.

It’s hard to accept when you learn that you are no longer loved by the person you are still in love with. But fret over it. Accept it. Sometimes it’s wiser to accept if life doesn’t go according to your plan. Only then you can let go and move on towards greater things in life.

Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

10. Don’t be afraid of Goodbyes!

Yeah, Goodbyes are really hard! Every time, Goodbyes hurt like a Bitch! And every time it makes us teary. That’s the power of true love between partner – it causes an excruciating pain. But don’t be afraid of endings. Because it’s only when one thing ends, the other can begin.

Motivational Quotes on Breakup

Hopefully, that was a motivational read. And it would help you get some positive vibes. However, always remember, Time is the greatest healer, so don’t look too far ahead into the future and worry about what it holds. Instead, take each day as it comes, and find something to look forward to in the short term – it could be a vacation you’ve planned with friends, a reunion with family, a promotion at work, or just dinner out at your favorite restaurant.

Motivational Quotes on Breakup

So, don’t just rely on Time. Keep moving along with it. Unless you do that, you wouldn’t be able to move ahead in matters of the heart. Give time, time. And yourself too. Everything will fall into place eventually.

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