10 Words To Avoid Using On Your Dating Profile

Meanwhile, when everybody is kinda busy looking out for the things that work well on online dating profiles, there are also things that can instantly turn the viewer off! People posing in a group photo so you can’t figure out which one they actually are? Dude posing with chained-up tigers or a sunburned face? Please No! Swipe left without second thoughts. To draw attention and keep the flow of viewers going, it is very important to build a strong and catchy profile. Words really play the magic here. Knowing what to put in your profile – is exactly what you need to win the game of online dating. In the same time, there are also a few Words To Avoid Using On Your Dating Profile. In this post, we will discuss the worst words that will only ruin your chances to go out on a date. Pay Attention!\

pay attention

10 Words To Avoid Using On Your Dating Profile

Don’t worry about the words you “do not” have to use anymore. Thebreakupcafe brings you a list of Top 10 Words To Avoid Using On Your Dating Profile so that you can be in a win-win situation. Scroll through them and remember, never use them!

1. Quiet:

This is not at all a good word to add to your dating profile for both men and women. Seeing this on your profile, the viewer would just be wondering about talking to a wall – because you say nothing at all. To be precise, it’s boring.

2. Energetic: 

Contrary to being quiet, energetic can be associated with someone who is way too talkative. Talking a LOT can be as exhausting as not talking at all. It might also convey that you are over-indulging. A balance is what is preferred by both the sexes when it comes to dating. Someone who can indulge and over-indulge as per needs.

3. Respectful:

This is particularly a turn off in case of men. When you are courteous, you don’t have to write it – that’s something to be shown. We are also guessing, no one wants to be called “sir” or “ma’am” either on a date.

4. Spiritual:

Let’s face it. Unless you want to talk god or existentialism, don’t even think of putting this word on your online dating profile. Save yourself and your date from the spirits of spirituality.

5. Modest:

These days, if you have it, flaunt it—even on social media. Modesty is not a thing anymore, as people want to see what you’ve got right from the get-go. Be expressive and like they say, “BeYou”. You don’t have to hold yourself back.

6. Kind:

Why would you mention kind, unless you are really finding a mate for life?  Kind is a little old-school, so avoid using it unless you are really looking for another old-school!

7. Good listener:

Again, saying you’re a good listener undermines the fact that you are a good talker. So lay no emphasis particularly on listening or talking. You need to be good in both ends of the conversation. Period.

8. Dependable:  

Although you are expected to be dependable on your first date, you don’t have to be explicit about it. The dating crowd isn’t really looking for someone who can be relied upon in the first go. So instead of saying that you are dependable, prefer saying ambitious. Dependable can be too clingy a word sometimes.

9. Caring:

Ok. Let’s get this straight. No one is looking for a dad or a mom. They are looking for a date. There’s no need to let them know that you care. That will matter only if you are willing to take it to the next level.

10.  Loyal:

Seriously! When it comes to a romantic relationship, isn’t it given? Being loyal to your date or partner is a basic necessity or criteria. Why would you even mention it explicitly? People don’t really like dishonesty.

So, there you go guys and girls – Words To Avoid Using On Your Dating Profile, whether on social media or online sites. Avoid using unnecessary words and choose what you want to put wisely. That’s how you can bag dates. Just keep one thing in mind, whatever you’ll be putting in your profile, that must always be backed up with your social media identity through your posts and photos.


Tip: In the age of technology, it’s not hard to find out about somebody. So if your social media persona is not genuine, they will find out anyway when they meet you in real life. So be a little careful with the words you use to describe yourself because now or later, people will know who you really are. And the more honest you are about yourself, more are the chances of people wanting to stick around. Hope it helps!





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