10 Friendship Breakup Quotes of 2018

The worst pain in the world goes beyond the physical. Even further beyond any other emotional pain one can feel. It is the betrayal of a friend. – Heather Brewer

Maybe it starts with not responding to each other’s text immediately. Then suddenly you are not calling him often. And now he is not asking you to hang out either. Both of you seeing each other less and don’t confide in each other anymore. Next thing you know, you two acting like strangers.  Or maybe you two had a blasted fight and said harsh truths to each other. You also ended up saying things you didn’t mean perhaps. You’ve always patched things up before, but this time you’re staring at your phone and thinking whether you should text first. He does neither. You’d like to confront him, but you don’t know what would you say? It’s clear the friendship you two had, has faced some brutal glitches and both of you don’t know how you can revive the friendship back. Welcome to the brutality of friendship breakups. They sometimes hurt much more that love-centric breakups. After all, it’s your friend you resort to when you need a break from love. If you lose that friend, it causes an abyss of emptiness in life. And you just wish you could say that friend how it feels like without him/her. Well, thebreakupcafe brings you a list of such Friendship Breakup Quotes that will help you to convey your emotions straight from the heart.

10 Friendship Breakup Quotes of 2018

No matter how silly the reasons are for breaking up with a friend, losing them is still incredibly painful—sometimes equally (if not more) painful than breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The truth is “the closer you were to the friend you broke up with, the more you’re going to hurt”. So give yourself adequate grieving time. Scroll through the Friendship Breakup Quotes quotes below, and reminisce the days when you were so important to each other.

1. When you know you aren’t close to that person anymore, but yet cannot stop the urge to be there for him/her when in need. Because this person has been your best friend and over the years, he had become an important part of your life. Sometimes, bonds don’t break just because you separate from the other person. Sometimes, it’s more than that.

Friendship Breakup Quotes


2. It takes time to build up a connection between two people; a bond that surpasses all other bonds you have. That’s how friendship happens. Suddenly, you know everything about this person, and this person knows everything about you. You both are loving it. And then suddenly everything changes and this is the same person with whom you can’t even make an eye contact. It hurts.
Friendship Breakup Quotes


3. It sucks when you have to pretend how much you don’t care about your ex-best friend being in the same room with you. It is difficult and it is totally a waste. Deep down you both know, how much you both are dying to be with each other.
Friendship Breakup Quotes


4. Sometimes, it’s hard to accept the friend that you had for so many years is no more there in your life. But you know, you still care. But the saddest part is when you give up on that care, not because you don’t want to anymore. But because he doesn’t. 
Friendship Breakup Quotes
5. No matter, how much I hate you for not being there in my life anymore, or how much I say that I don’t care, you still haunt me. Your memories are still stringed to my heart like chains that I can’t get rid of. You are still the best friend I ever had and I miss you. A Lot!
Friendship Breakup Quotes
6. Sometimes it is just too hurting when you let people come so close to you and then they leave. Suddenly. Without any intimation, they just leave. What’s the point then? If anything and everything so good, is always so short-lived.
7. Best-Friends know us better than anyone, sometimes even ourselves. They love us even in times when we don’t feel like loving ourselves. They wipe our tears, motivate us, and convince us to believe in ourselves. But what can one do when the same best friend is the reason why you cry? Who would wipe the tears then?


8.  You were the one I would lean on when everything went wrong in my miserable life. You took care of me. You showed me the light when all I saw was darkness. But now that you are gone, who would do that for me? I wish you were here…


9.  It’s strange how things can change over a year. The person who was so important to me is now just a stranger. The person, who would know my mood swings just by looking at my face, he doesn’t even look at me anymore. It’s strange, how everything changes over time.


10.  My heart skips a beat, every time I see you. Even now. I feel heavy. I feel a part of my heart is still sore, somewhere deep down. And every time I see you, those wounds come to the surface. And the scars feel all fresh. I wish I could have changed it- how we are now!


Well…that was heavily overwhelming and heartbreaking in so many ways. It was like living those moments all over again…when you realized your friend is no longer going to be your confidante, savior, and most importantly, your best pal. It’s tough to deal with a broken friendship, sometimes, even more than a romantic relationship. Take some time to process everything because you deal with a lot of surfaced emotions during your friendship breakup. Try not to disavow all the good times you and your former friend had. Just because a friendship ended, doesn’t mean that negates what came before. But most of all, all you gotta do is accept it and tell yourself, it’ll be okay, one day!




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