Top 20 Dating Tips for Men and Women

Do you want to make your first date worth remembering? Do you want to turn it into a relationship? Then, you have arrived in the right place! It’s tough to be single after a long time. You must be in several doubts and dilemma before you get back into the dating business again.  Don’t worry, thebreakupcafe is here with a curated list of Dating Tips for Men and Women that will help you plan your dates and most importantly, excel in it.

Top 20 Dating Tips

The Dating Tips might make you laugh, smile, freak-out and share! For instance, Most couples are willing to enter an exclusive relationship after six to eight dates. It takes at least 12-14 dates before couples trade house keys. Most common time for breakups is around three to five months. See, there’s so much to know! Whether you have just broken up or you are looking to enhance your dating experience, these well-established Dating Tips for Men and Women can seriously come handy.

Dating Tips

There’s no guarantee if you would entirely agree with everything stated below but this is what experts had to say. And if it works for most of the crowd, it might work for you too. All you have to do is give it a try! So, scroll through them and don’t sweat it. You will do great in no time.

1. Women – If you are planning to hunt down you man, this is what you should keep in mind. Men do not like these 5 kinds of categories, especially when looking for a partner for life!

Dating Tips

2. Guys – If you are planning to impress your lady love on the first date and leave an everlasting impression, then plan for something simple and cute in a comfortable place and spend a quality time, instead of going for five-stars!Interesting Facts about Dating
3. Whether it’s Pizza or Pasta or Espresso – Italian food does the magic on dates. They are known to be more popular tryouts for dating.
4. This here is a very important thing to know, wonder, and share. This is what Singles look out for, in their dates. Interesting Facts about Dating
5. Listening skills are very important. When you listen to your partner, remember, and try to put the same things in a conversation – it shows that you are interested and give importance to little details.
6. From sexting to swiping right, online dating has become a bomblet of hookups, engagements, and romance (if at all). So knowing what really works will help you attract more crowd to your profile.
Interesting Facts about Dating
7. No Not the Santa Beard – but a mere stubble works really well. So you may consider keeping a little beard when planning a date (only if you are not a fan of a complete clean shave)!Interesting Facts about Dating
8. This might not be entirely true. But if the girl is hanging out with you a lot lately, and showing some signs of interest, then this might hold true. You might try your luck and consider asking her to a movie date.
9. There’s no better accessory than you Self-Confidence ladies! Wear it, flaunt it, and be it. There’s nothing more attractive than a self-confident, independent woman!
Interesting Facts about Dating
10. How you smell really plays a big role in attracting a woman! The key to smelling irresistible on your date is to choose your Fragrance wisely! 😉
11. Well, ladies, if you are really looking forward to impressing this man and make him yours, it’s time to flaunt those sexy necklines. It might work wonders! Interesting Facts about Dating
12. So, you are dating this man. He’s great. He’s understanding. He’s liberal. And you really feel it can work out with him. But the only thing stopping you and him to get the depth in your relationship is the emotional connect. How can you achieve this – Kiss! 😉 It works!

Interesting Facts about Dating

13. On a date with this guy for a couple times now? But you are unsure if he finds you attractive? Well, this is how you can know it. Look and gaze into his eyes. eyes literally speak!Interesting Facts about Dating
14. Now men generally don’t believe their emotional sides that often. They try to put their strong side forward to impress their women. But it is actually seen that opening up to your girl, actually makes her feel more drawn to you than before.Interesting Facts about Dating
15. Want to look your best on your date? And most importantly, you want him to find you really attractive? But you are nor ready, nervous? Don’t fret. There’s a simple trick to achieve it. Interesting Facts about Dating
16. If you really are confused about which day to plan your date, Wednesday is your day! Surveys confirmed Wednesday turns out to the best “dating” day! Go ahead, try it and confirm it.
17. Want to be asked out? Want him to like you and take more interest? Red is your color ladies. Be smokin’ red hot, and he is yours!
Interesting Facts about Dating
18. Make her yours – Give her a kiss on the neck, and she would find it too irresistible to not want it (and you)! 😉
Interesting Facts about Dating
19. Blue absolutely works. If you want to appear attractive to your girl and charm her with all your looks and persona – wear blue. It enhances your personality on a date. Well, that’s what experts say. you are welcome to try!

Interesting Facts about Dating

20. Really want to impress your girl and give her the best compliment ever – compliment her Lips…She will love it!Interesting Facts about Dating

These were some really interesting Dating Tips for Men and Women that can help you turn your date into an amazing experience. As if being by yourself was not hard enough, singlehood brings with it the added pressure of dating. And this may not come as a surprise to most of us who are familiar with the ruthless world of dating – but it is not that easy. Especially when you are heading out for the hunger games for love, one could actually use all the help that you can get. Behold, the 20 fascinating dating tips and use them all! Make it count!



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