10 Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up

Let’s be honest. Letting go isn’t easy. What’s even more difficult is the part where you need to move on after the breakup. It’s hard to accept the part where you no longer have the person you loved with all your heart. A cotton ball of emotions hits you, all at once – the agony, misery, overwhelming feeling of anger and emptiness. Yes, it sucks! It’s easy to advise someone to just forget about the past and get over it. Look forward to a better future. Keep yourself busy with things you like. But is it that easy to follow your own advice when faced with the same situation. You struggle with every breath we take. But you gotta survive this. You will. And to help you move on this terrible phase of post-breakup, thebreakupcafe presents a list of top 10 motivational quotes for moving on after a Break up. We hope you will find your motivation back!

10 Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up

Breakup? Losing and Letting go? Moving ahead? Uh-uh – not easy at all. While quotes do help in many ways, however, there is more than meets the eye. Somehow the post-breakup and moving on phase seems to affect everything about you – your thoughts about yourself, your perspective towards love and life in general, your decisions, and of course your actions. Ultimately, there will be past baggage subconsciously and certain erroneous beliefs which you need to clear before you could finally move on. All these require an ability to think realistically and to maintain a level of objectivity, which is hard because such matters are usually linked to deep sorrows and injured pride.

It’s everything you wanted
It’s everything you don’t
It’s one door swinging open
And one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We’re holding on and letting go

~ Holding on and Letting Go (Ross Copperman)

Often, we think we have moved on but subconsciously we don’t. We still cling on to the past relationships, memories and moments. Thinking you have moved on and to really move on are two completely different situations altogether. In the former, you continue to live under the shadow of that person or relationship without even realizing it. You think you have broken the chains of pain and heartache but the truth is you continue to live in the mental prison of past memories. This prevents you from welcoming and experiencing new things in your life. Don’t let that happen! It’s important you find your spur – that will make you jump right of your bed every morning and chase your dreams. Because life doesn’t stop just because we are not moving. It moves on. And, so should you. Scroll through these inspiring quotes for breakups and moving on that will help you restore your belief again.

1. There’s enough bad in life, but there’s good too. You just have to focus on the good parts after a breakup. Draw inspiration from those things (or people) in your life.

Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up

2. Life will throw lemons (obstacles) at you, more times than you can imagine. Make a lemonade out of it or pour in a vodka shot, it’s up to you. But do learn to face every obstacle and grow through it. It’s not going to be easy. But it’ll be worth it.

Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up

3. Don’t fret over what has already happened. Whether good or bad, just remember, everything happens for a reason. You just know the reason yet. But you will soon. Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
4. Sometimes, you can feel like everything is falling apart after you break up with someone you loved. Things will appear to fall out of place. But you will need to hold on and be patient. Give time, sometimes. You will be fine.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
5. Break-ups are wounds in our lives that we never wanted but they happen anyway. No matter, how much engrossed you were in the past, you have to let that go. You can hope and try for something all you want, but ultimately, you can’t force it. If it didn’t work out, believe that it means you’re about to be directed toward something better.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
6. It’s okay if you loved someone and it didn’t work out. If you loved the wrong person so much, then just imagine, how much can you love the right person.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
7. Life never waits for anyone. Neither should you. There would be obstacles. There will be heartbreaks. And there will be emptiness sometimes. But you have to rise beyond it. Chase your dreams and move along with time.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
8. Most importantly, Believe. Believe in yourself, in your dreams, thoughts, good things, and trust that better things are coming your way. Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
9. This one of the best Motivational Quotes for moving on after a Break Up. Sometimes things get broken and no matter how close we hold it, there’s no way to fix them back like it was unbroken. And sometimes, there’s no point. Sometimes, all you need to do is let everything that hurts you go, and start over.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up
10. Whether it’s a new friend, job or city, get involved in the excitement of new beginnings. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get something you desired. It’s just normal. Life doesn’t go as we plan it. But keep hoping for the best but don’t keep any expectations.
Motivational Quotes For Moving On After A Break Up

Amidst all the chaos and harsh realities, we generally tend to forget what an amazing gift life really is.  It is very important to have a positive outlook in life irrespective of whatever hardships it has to offer.  We must learn to draw inspiration from the good, whether it’s people, places, memories, moments, or pictures. Hold on to them. It will bring you joy and provide you with inspiration when you least expect it. Hopefully, the above motivational quotes for moving on after a break up will help you restore faith.




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