10 One Word Love Quotes about Relationships

Yes, it’s cheesy, it’s intense, and it’s cute. It doesn’t matter when you are in love. Everything seems magical and ecstatic. For such a simple word, it has endless meanings. For centuries, people have tried to search for the perfect words to express the feelings of love. Although there’s never any perfect word, love means different things to different people. But if you had to define love in one word, what would it be? So many things come to our mind at the same time, isn’t it? Love is just so many things to us. It’s a world in itself. It has the power to make us happy, sad, excited, angry, and it has the power to make us hate as well. It is, indeed, a very strong and powerful feeling that you will ever experience.  In this post, thebreakupcafe brings you a list of 10 one word Love Quotes that will melt your heart. <3

10 One Word Love Quotes

Despite the differences of opinion, when it comes to the word “love” we all desire one thing in common- we want it to be endless! Love is boundless. We have the power to love unconditionally. And limitlessly. We are capable of loving more than we can imagine. Whether it’s a particularly poignant moment from a movie, a memorable line from your favorite book, or a poet speaking the honest truth hidden in the core of his heart, a good love quote can shift the way you think about the feelings associated with the person you love. Here are the amazing One Word Love Quotes that define “love” in one of it’s best ways and strikes us as remarkably true.

1. As someone has said rightly, Love without passion is dreary. Passion without love is horrific.”
One Word Love Quotes


2. When you are in love, home suddenly changes from being a place to a person.

One Word Love Quotes


3. If there’s one thing precious than time, then it is “who” we spend it on! One Word Love Quotes


4. Sometimes, it’s better to put love into hugs, than to put into words.
One Word Love Quotes


5. Loving someone doesn’t mean you will agree with everything they do. It means your commitment towards them is bigger than their flaws.
One Word Love Quotes


6. We all deserve a wild love from a gentle soul. One Word Love Quotes


7. It’s too hard to forget someone, who has given you so much to remember…
One Word Love Quotes


8. Love is undeniably the closest feeling we have to magic. One Word Love Quotes


9. When words fail, kiss. And kiss hard!
One Word Love Quotes


10. There is no happiness in the world than to love and be loved in return.

One Word Love Quotes


Well, no matter how much you try, you can never put love in words completely. It’s too intense and complicated for that. Probably that’s the best and the worst thing about love. Feelings of love are not easy to convey. It runs too deep in our veins and mind can’t convert everything we feel into words.  However, whether you find your love or it’s lost,  there’s one thing we know for sure, and that is – it’s ALWAYS worth the try. Therefore, we have compiled a list of One Word Love Quotes to help anyone describe their emotions in words.




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