Can a Rebound Turn into Real Love?

Manu was an extremely joyful girl. She fell in love with Aditya. Both of them would stick to each other all the time. They used to talk over the phone for hours. Both their phones were filled up with cute and passionate love messages. Their relationship made all their friends jealous and they made an ideal couple. This went on for six months. Then, gradually, Aditya started losing interest in Manu. He stopped attending her calls or replying to her messages. He even hesitated to talk to Manu and made all efforts to avoid her. This triggered waves of sorrow and distress in Manu. Facing this terrible turn in their relationship despite making maximum efforts to get close to Aditya and seeing no success in this, Manu decided to break up with Aditya. This break up was quite smooth. She deleted everything related to Aditya in her phone, laptop, etc – their messages, mails, selfies, etc. But again, there was a vast emptiness in her mind, she could not entirely delete Aditya from her mind. The sweet memories of their private moments started haunting her. She felt the need of a trust worthy partner in her life. She hesitated trusting any other man in her life again. But eventually after six months, she came in touch with Shaan, a school mate of hers. She again started feeling those special feelings for him. This had put Manu in a dilemma. Many questions started to haunt her mind. “Should I trust Shaan or not? Will this relationship be the same as the previous? Am i in a rebound relationship? If yes, then can a rebound turn into real love?

If you are in the same place as Manu, you have come to the right place. This article hopes to enlighten the readers about rebound relationships and to what extent they work out. Do rebound relationships ever work out? Well, let us see.

Can A Rebound Turn Into Real Love?

A rebound love is defined as the period immediately following the breakup of a romantic relationship.  This period can be indefinite, who knows when it will break free. For any person, a romantic partner must have filled his/her emotional, physical needs. The sudden moving away the partner creates a void. This void creates utmost discomfort. And we start craving more for a relationship partner that fit our definition of love that we always fantasized.

can a rebound turn into real love

People deal with this discomfort in different ways. Some prefer to divert their attention to other aspects of their lives like studies, career, etc. Others just move on, look for other partners and get into a relationship with them. This starting of a relationship shortly after the breakup of a previous relationship is called a Rebound Relationship. So does rebound after breakup actually work? Or, they are just for filling the gap in our lives after a terrible breakup and then, eventually fades away? In this post, we are discussing exactly that.

What are the benefits of Rebounding?

While rebound dating can be fun, it primarily is an escape mechanism to get over your ex faster and without experiencing too much pain. Getting into rebound relationships is advantageous as it helps in bouncing back into love and comfort in the following ways:

1. Finding a replacement of the previous partner to fill the void in your life. This will help you from keeping your mind from wandering back to your ex and find a destination to entrust your emotions on.

Not a great move! You basically have your emotions all over the place after a break-up. This is where Rebounds can help.
Not a great move! You basically have your emotions all over the place after a break-up. This is where Rebounds can help.

2. Makes you feel better because even in a crisis like a breakup, you will have someone close to you to comfort you and stand with you.

3. This may trigger the previous partner to come back to you in case the previous breakup was unintentional and done in haste. This might incite your trustworthy ex-partner to get back together with you.

How is rebounding bad for you?

While there are benefits of rebound love, however, getting into a relationship right after your break up can be disastrous in many ways.

1. The partner who recently broke up is likely to be unstable. So there are chances that he/she might go away if the previous partner comes back.

2. A rebound period is a period of highly unstable emotions. The person may not be able to commit himself/herself fully to the partner, because of the extreme emotional state. You might never be anything more than just a rebound to him/her. 

Do rebound relationships ever work out?

3. Lack of a whole-hearted commitment implies being unfair to your rebound partner if you do not come out of the inertia of the previous relationship.

Now the ultimate question,

How Long Rebound Relationships Last?

Now that we know the pros and cons, Do rebound relationships ever work out? A relationship is said to be successful only if both the partners are committed to each other. It loses its value if any one of the two is in thoughts about any person other than the present one. So, studies show that the percentage of rebound relationships that last aren’t that high. The rebound relations fail in most of the cases citing the emotional instability of those who had breakups in the recent past.

However, if the person who had had a breakup has true feeling towards his/her present partner and is ready to get committed to the present partner, avoiding the inertia of the previous relationship, this relationship has high chances of survival as well.

Do rebound relationships ever work out?

Rebounding Tips – Is Rebounding Healthy For You?

So, if you are someone who had a breakup recently, then instead of jumping into another relationship immediately, observe yourself. Spend some time with your “solitary-self”. Get to know yourself better. This will help you know better what didn’t work for you and what you should avoid in the future. Not to forget, during this phase, it is natural for any human to have high emotional instability, mood swings, craving for a partner, etc.  It is in a way a risk to get into a relationship in such a state of mind and you are likely to hurt the rebound partner eventually. So slow down, connect with your close people, contemplate and then come to any decision of moving ahead.

Tip for the Rebound Partner – If your potential partner is in a rebound phase, give him/her some time to settle his/her emotions and then come to a conclusion. Do not think already can a rebound turn into real love? Do not rush to get into a relationship with him/her. If she/he has genuine feelings towards you, he/she will stick to you even after getting over with the rebound period. And as their friend, help them overcome their sorrow and support them, postponing the decision of committing to each other right away. 



Contributed by Nayana M.R

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