How Taurus Deal with Breakups and Rejection

When it comes to love and relationships Taurus can be seen as someone who is obsolete. They can be constructed as an intricate combination of sensitivity and toughness. Peculiar isn’t it? Well, they are one of a kind. To the world, they are seen as a calm, composed and a very resolved person. But, on the inside, they are hopeless romantics looking for their “forever kinda love”. What they look for in a partner is basic. They just want someone who is loyal to them, very stable and affectionate. Taurus just hates change. They can’t just let the relationships in. But once it happens and if they are in, then they are in it forever. But when it comes to dealing with a breakup, they aren’t the ones who would let the world know they’re in pain by letting themselves drenched in a pool of tears. They stay the same. At least they try to. In this post, we will unravel ways how Taurus deal with Breakups and Rejection.

This is how Taurus deal with Breakups 

There is no before and after for the Taurians. Deep down inside they deal with pain every day. They believe that concentrating on their routines would make them feel better while holding the belief that “time heals everything”. They never change after a relationship. No matter how many relationships urged them to change, they simply deny it. Change is quite unacceptable to them.

Coping up for Taurus after a Break Up

Restating and reinforcing that Taurus likes to do everything backstage. They internalize the pain. If they ever face rejection, they will act normal like “they were before”. But often you find them staying back at home eating their favorite meal and brushing their sorrow away. When you try to read a Taurus mind, they are quite enthusiastic beings, and they just pretend to be boring.  Let’s just see some tips elucidating how Taurus deal with breakups and rejection. 

1. Be indolent for a day (or a two)

Taurus is definitely the person who parties post-breakup. They need some time for themselves. Hence just be a sloth for a day, you might miss your routine but this will surely help. Watch your favorite movie,  order your kinda food, sit back and relax. If you get bored by this then create your own gourmet food. Taurus really likes to cook. So just go ahead and create your MasterChef style dishes and enjoy.

how taurus deal with breakups

2. Try some cool DIY

Venus rules Taurus moon sign, making them naturally artistic inclined. Their taste is finest when it comes to the art of any form. Check out some cool DIYs and make it. This will definitely calm you down and cause a healthy distraction. Also these DIYs don’t have to be really complex ones, they can be simple paper art too. Or it can even be trying a new face mask by making it yourself. Self-pampering can also help post-breakup. Talking about Taurus’s artistic interests, they love to sing, dance and drama. Dancing it out or even going for a new movie helps.

how taurus deal with breakups
3. Shopping!

Shopping is one of the fun things to do with Taurus. Although Taurus is someone who prefers sitting at home, being in their comfort zone, they enjoy shopping too. Not always the kind of shopping that requires strenuous physical activity. It can be online shopping or going out for once in a while. But going out for shopping with friends can be all fun and enjoyable. Consider that!

how taurus deal with breakups


4. Indulge in Indoor games

While Taurus being undoubtedly capable of back-breaking physical activities, they somehow choose smart work over hard work. They like to be strategic and think logically. That is why they can choose to play indoor games like chess, caroms etc. Also doing this will give them a great deal of pleasure and thereby help in healing them from all the pain they have been through the past couple of days.

how taurus deal with breakups
5. Go on Adventure

Taurus is ruled by their senses. Whatever captivates their senses automatically becomes their favorite hobbies. They more willingly participate in adventurous activities like bird watching,  forest safari, or camping where they can enjoy the nature, taking walks across the beach. An activity like camping can really help to calm their senses and enables them to take better decisions in life.

Well, Taurus, you are achiever yourself. Feel good and feel motivated. Because the best is really yet to come, and you have so much to do! And, there’s definitely Dating on the cards!

Tips for Dating a Taurus Woman or Man

Here are some Dating Tips before you get that Stunning Personality of yours rolling –

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Lucky Days 2018: Wednesday and Thursday

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While the pain caused by the breakup or even a rejection can be something very limited to their thoughts, but not actions for a Taurus, these celebrity Taurus breakups can probably make you feel better.

Taurus Biggest Celebrity Breakups of all Time!

Scroll through these amazing personalities and feel inspired how Taurus deal with Breakups and Rejection.

Meghan Fox and David Gallagher

Meghan Fox and David Gallagher

They dated for the year 2003-2004. David is best known for his role in the show 7th heaven while Megan went on to become the sexiest woman following her role in the Transformers.  

Other Popular Breakups
how capricorns deal with breakups
Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik


Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly
Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly

Do Taurus Move on Fast? Do rebounds work?

Taurus are lovers. They are sensual and down to earth, romance comes easily to them. They are never fond of being in rebounds. They are into deep connections. Being so headstrong when they want someone, they really want them. Taureans have a very detailed way things should go especially when they are in love. So, they don’t really like the idea of rebounding because to them, it feels like forcing themselves to change before they are actually ready to. They would rather be single for a while unless they know it for sure the rebound was going to last. Well, this is how Taurus deal with breakups and heartbreaks.


Lastly, Taurus Relationship Advice

how taurus deal with breakups

Being a Taurus, you are very disciplined, strategic, practical and a composed person. You don’t tend to like people who aren’t clear in their life, about their dreams and ambitions. And when you find yourself in love with such a person, instead of complaining just give them some time to figure out. Now that you have got a clearer glimpse of how Taurus deal with Breakups and Rejection, we hope it’ll guide to get past this terrible phase. Everyone takes their own time to decide exactly what they want. As you are a person capable of showing ample amount of patience, just be patient with your partner and enjoy their company and bond of love.




Contributed by Sai Drishya


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