Life is About Moving on and So Should We!

Life is a series of experience waiting to happen. Unless you step out of your comfort zone, take a chance, and chase your dreams – you will never experience Life as you’re meant to. We don’t know what life has in store for us in the next hour, day, month, or year. This is why it is so important to live it to the fullest! Because life is about moving on. It never waits and so should we!

Why Life is about moving on and never waiting?

Holding back is inherent to human nature. Our mind is often influenced by a series of (unnecessary) what if’s, may be’s, and troubling doubts while making a decision even as small as whether to buy the Vogue magazine at the checkout counter or not. Leave aside, making bigger decisions of whether to make that long-awaited trip with your friends!

And then, life happens. After long waiting and several permutations-combinations, just when you convince yourself to finally go for it, something catastrophic happens – someone close to you falls sick, or you lose a loved one, or a relationship ends. And you find yourself again in search of answers, only for the bigger questions this time like – Why me? Do I deserve this? What wrong did I do? ..etc …etc.

So as the title of this post suggests, life is about moving on. It waits for no one. But we on the other hand, certainly wait for life to shake us abruptly before we could make any recognition of that situation. That’s life. It teaches us in the most unexpected forms and in the most unexpected times.

never give up

Speaking of which, time and life almost synonymous. Both never waits. Both moves on with or without you. Moreover, we know our time is limited in this one life that we’ve got and to top it off, none of us know when our time on earth comes to an end. So why, all this waiting?

Time waits for none. So does Life. 

The truth is plain and simple – we don’t notice until it’s too late and we’ve lost (or almost) the chance to go for it – because time waits for nobody. Ask yourself, how many times you have taken “time” for granted and lost on the opportunities you could have grabbed if had you only realized how important it is to move along with time in order to live your dreams and live life to the fullest. 

chase your dreams

Everyone has different dreams and it always does not have to be earth-shatteringly big. It could be as simple as trying out a new fashion look, or as fascinating as acting upon your first crush, or as glorious as becoming a popstar! It’s different things to different people. But same is the fact that life can’t wait and it won’t.

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” 

~Mark Twain 

Life never waits for you to take actions on your dreams. It’ll move on and if you just sit back, you’ll keep losing on your opportunities. Don’t let that happen. Because life is about moving on. Life goes on and so should we!


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