10 Emotional Love Quotes After Break Up

Breakups can really be pathetic. And the end result reactions make vary from a person to person, from being extremely dejected to faking the happiness or actually being happy.  Sometimes you really want yell at them  “I still love you.” “how are you so happy, when I can’t stop crying” “I want you back”. But whatever it is, it sucks, honestly. Its easy to say a goodbye, but your heart breaks into a million pieces every single time you think about them. Or sometimes you just cannot stop thinking about them. Nevertheless lets have a look at these really emotional love quotes after break up.

  • Its hard to forget someone who gave us so much to remember

Sometimes it just isn’t that easy to forget someone, with whom we have like a thousand memories to cherish. At times, even the smallest thing can remind us of them, like their favorite songs, their silly jokes or even a shirt that you gave them.

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  • I am not heartless, I just learned to use my heartless

One of the end results of a broken heart is that it can make a person very stubborn towards love. Its merely the fear of falling in love because you don’t want to break your heart again. Also one cannot really move on. To the world you may say that you are okay and you don’t care, and whatever. But deep down inside it still hurts.

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  • All I did was love you all you did was hurt me

In a relationship you might give in everything you can and everything you have, all the time, all the effort, yet there will be something left. Its definitely not your fault that you were hurt by someone you loved unconditionally.

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  • I cant get over you, you left your mark on me

We  really think it would be painless to get over someone and start the new chapter in our life,  but it can get more aching with every single step that we take, with every move that we make, we find our self getting back to them, their thoughts, smile, attitude everything. LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

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  • You broke me

We  always fantasied love stories with happy and perfect ending. Well you seemed to prove me a fool by thinking so. I always thought of us never being apart, you broke me. You haven’t only broken my heart. You have broken my trust in you, my happiness and my ever so belief that love is real.

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  • I am sorry I am not what you wanted

I am sorry for being myself in the relationship, because I always wanted you to love me, for what and who I am, for not what is desirable. I am sorry for not dressing up high end like the other girls, for not buying you expensive gifts as I have always thought of our love to be priceless, for not taking you to fancy places, as spending time with you was everything that mattered to me rather the places.

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  • I miss the time when I actually meant something to you

We  still remember the day when we first met them, and our cute fights and the late night talks. I miss that time when all we cared was about each other, when our fights never turned into days of silence. The time when I actually meant something for you, when you would get lost in my eyes and love me back the way I do. Its not that you never loved me after that, but maybe it was  me who got tired expecting nothing but love from you.

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  • Lost you. Found myself

It’s not that I don’t regret losing you. Its just that I am more blessed that I found myself.  I feel fortunate enough that I have finally realized that my self-respect, my feelings, my emotions and all my tears aren’t that trivial. Through all the trauma, I have acquired that its not me who never deserved you but it’s “you who never deserved me”.

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  • No matter how badly the bond between might end, know that I will never forget you or the memories that we made simply the good over weighed the bad and I am grateful to have met someone like you

Regardless of how deeply you have hurt my feelings and how our relationship has ended, I will not fail to remember you as I have learned a lot from you, and I  genuinely feel thankful for meeting someone like you. Even though we might be strangers now, I will never omit all the good times I have spent with you, after all, they are worth the memory. And all of this is not because I still love you,  I have taken the positive from our bond, forgave you and moved on.

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  • You said you would love me forever. Who knew forever ended today

For all the promises we have made in love to be the “and they lived happily ever after”, its quite a jolt that our relationship would end and had to end this way.

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