about me


I am a born entrepreneur, blogger, and fierce optimist who devotes all my time and energy to helping you become the person you’ve always dreamed of being. Born in Adelaide and raised with the belief that anything is possible, I have always believed in miracles and thought nothing was out of reach. I am proud today to say that I have impacted thousands of people all over the world.


The Breakup Cafe has always been and always will be dedicated to helping individuals avoid mistakes, conquer false hope, comprehend breakup dynamics, and manage their associated stress and anxiety. It also aims to help people come up with realistic plans and anticipations for reconciliation with their ex, which is frequently their greatest concern immediately after the breakup.

We want to spread the word and educate the public about breakups from a psychological and biological perspective. It is our belief that a deeper understanding of the human body and mind may help alleviate some of the discomforts and provide closure. The fact that we’ve assisted dumpees and future dumpees to improve themselves and avoid post-separation errors makes our days brighter.