10 Signs That She’s Into You

Determining whether or not a girl is romantically into you can be harder than it sounds. By detecting some subtle gestures that women seem to throw around, however, you should shortly know whether or not a certain girl is interested in dating you for the long haul. You can then make your own decision as to how to move forward. 

Here are ten signs that she is into you:


1) She Finds Excuses to Touch You

Girls seeking attention from certain guys are more than likely going to use their sense of touch to make headway. If she finds ways to brush up against your arm or body whenever she is with you, then you likely have found someone who is into you.

2) She Acts Shy Around You

Some women become painfully shy whenever they are around a guy who they happen to like. Even girls who are able to keep up a constant chatter may take on different personas. If they giggle and laugh at things you say, then they are likely self-conscious about their reactions, which is certainly a good sign for you.

3) She Flaunts Her Single Status

Girls will also ensure that a prospective dating partner knows they are single. If she really likes you and has had a decent conversation, she will bring up her single status early. This indicates that you are free to make a move.


4) She Offers Constant Compliments

Because everyone likes to be flattered from time to time, it is basic human nature to offer compliments to individuals who you are trying to attract. If a certain girl indicates that you dress well, are good-looking, or are a complete sweetheart, then you are likely in the driver’s seat. Be sure to return the compliments so that she has some idea that you like her right back.

5) She Hints That She Has Similar Interests

Any girl who is angling for more dates will be sure to show that she is interested in topics and activities that you have recently spoken about. This can include anything from sporting events to concerts to museums. Finding common ground on certain issues is one way to build rapport.

6) She Dresses Elegantly around You

While girls like to look attractive during most times of the day, you might find a certain female friend or colleague trying a little extra hard when you are around. This may include anything from wearing a beautiful dress to trying out a new lipstick color to having her hair teased out in a certain elegant fashion.

7) She Says You Are Handsome

This one is a homerun and should always be considered a sign that she appreciates your company. Because she has made herself vulnerable by indicating that she thinks you are attractive, she must feel that you are worth the risk of rejection.

8) She Buys You a Gift

This could be something that a platonic friend does, but you will have to read between the lines a bit to determine her true intentions. For example, if the gift is accompanied by a sweet card with strong, flowery language, then she probably likes you and wants to grow closer to you. As a return gesture, you should also give her a card whenever the occasion seems to call for it.

9) She Talks to Your Friends

Girls who attempt to make inroads with a date’s friends will show themselves willing to get to know your buddies in order to get closer to you. If you suspect a girl likes you, watch how she acts around friends of yours she doesn’t yet know well. If she treats them with respect and smiles a lot, this is a good sign.

10) She Touches Her Hair Repeatedly

Because hair is a crucial source of feminine pride, girls often subconsciously twirl their hair whenever they like a guy. This indicates that they are available and may want to take the friendship or relationship to the next level. If you catch the object of your desire playing with her hair while she slyly glances in your direction, you are likely in her good romantic graces.

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