Finding A Life Partner

Finding a husband or a wife really isn’t all that hard. Finding a life partner that you will still be happy waking up with 25 years from now is just a little more difficult. The online world is filled with matchmaking and dating websites to help you find a life partner. Furthermore, while some of us might be comfortable printing up flyers with photos and requirements, and passing them out on every street corner, your friend might have better luck using online dating services. Whatever method you choose, it is important to separate the myths from the facts while you are looking to find a partner for life.


Don’t Compromise

Many singles insist that they will not compromise when finding a life partner… and they shouldn’t. Compromising is not the same as narrowing the criteria that you are using to find your soulmate. Compromising on important things like deeply held religious beliefs, the role of each person in a household, or how to handle money matters will be disastrous in the long run. Your core beliefs make you unique, and you must have a mate whose core beliefs align with your own.

You don’t want to have such a narrow vision of your potential husband or wife that you automatically exclude other eligible singles who may actually be perfect for you. Most often, this refers to physical traits that you feel you must have in a mate. For women, your vision may be that they must be tall, athletic, and of a certain racial or financial background. For guys, it may be about physical beauty, her skill sets as a mother or even her agreeable disposition to your sense of style. But while it is important to be physically attracted to your potential mate to find a husband or wife, it is equally important to open yourself up to new possibilities. “Does he/she make you laugh?” may be more important in the long run than “Can I always wear heels?” or “Will she stay this sexy forever?”

There is One Soul Mate for Everyone

If this were true, there would be a lot of lonely people in the world. Just as Ben and Jerry’s New York Superfudge Chunk might be the right ice cream at one point and Chubby Hubby might be right at another, different dating partners can be “the one” at different points in our lives. The bad boy surfer who was perfect for you straight out of college may not be so attractive ten years into a relationship when he refuses to grow up and get a real job, or the sweetheart of a girl that you were attracted turned out to be a shopaholic in disguise. Just because you’ve been in love before, don’t give up and think that they are the only person in the world for you. Once you’ve given up your idea of what your “type” is, you may find that there are more potential mates out there than you thought.

Opposites Attract

This may be true for magnets, but only for some. People with similar values and lifestyles appeal to each other in a committed, long-term relationship. You don’t want someone who is exactly like you but one who shares enough of these important qualities so that you can build a harmonious life together. Finding a life partner involves soul searching and honesty when it comes to what really matters. Don’t look for someone to complete you — look for someone who compliments you.

You Get What You Expect

What you put out to the world greatly affects what you receive. If you don’t take care of your health or appearance, expecting that your true love will be able to see past these physical things, you will attract people who truly don’t care about appearance — either in others or themselves. If you are trying to find someone who takes care of themselves enough to be around in your old age, you must seem like someone who does the same. You don’t have to primp or prep yourself up when going to the gym, but make sure you are neat and well-groomed.


It is often an imperceptible change in attitude that can make a difference. When you open yourself up to relationship possibilities, your stance may be straighter and your face more inviting, and you will find yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. This is not the same as being seen as desperate. Desperation is quickly apparent, and people tend to run when they get a whiff of it. Confidence in your worth, abilities, and attractiveness will go a long way toward finding an equally comparable life partner.

You Must Look for a Partner the Way You Look for a Job

If you are focused on finding a life partner, you will find opportunities in many more places. When you are looking for a job, the best advice is to tell everyone you know about your skills and what you desire. They can then look in their circle of friends and beyond to try to help you make the connection that will get you the perfect job. This is also the best way on finding a life partner. Ask friends and colleagues to look for someone who they think would be a good match. Be prepared to “interview” many potential candidates. The law of averages shows that you must meet many singles before you find one who is right for you.

In today’s world, many jobseekers turn to the internet in their search. This can also be a great place to meet available singles. Online matchmaking platforms like Tinder or Bumble have an advantage over random meetings in that both parties actively seek a connection. Look for a service that attracts people who share similar values. Of course, just as you might go to a conference in your field when looking for a job, attending events that interest you can help you find a true love. If you value charity, join an organization that builds houses for people. Expand your circle to include people who might have marriageable friends or colleagues, join a new gym, or enrol in a class. The more singles the activity attracts, the better.

Finding a life partner or a true soulmate means that you have to make this a goal and try to focus your search on places or people who can help you meet the kind of singles who are right for you is key. Reevaluate your notions of the “perfect mate”, and you might find husband/wife material sitting next to you on the train or at the next dinner party.

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