Five Outfits That Work for a First Date

Few things in life are as scary as a first date. Married couples and smug dating couples love fixing up their single friends and playing matchmaker. However, you never know exactly what to expect when you open the door or walk into that restaurant. To make things even scarier, you’re left wondering what you should wear on that first date. Before you get too worried, look at some fun outfits that will earn you a second date.


Try Autumn’s Leather Trend

Pull out your favourite leather piece if you want to leave him panting and eager for another date. A leather skirt creates an instantly elegant look, especially when you pair the skirt with a colorful top and a classy pair of heels. While the look might not be appropriate for a first date outdoors, it can easily take you from dinner at a special restaurant to drinks later that night. You can amp up the sex appeal of the look with a low-cut top or tone the look with a basic tee shirt and boots. Remember to stick to just one leather piece; feminine leather skirts, leggings, or tops are sexy—a complete leather ensemble is scary.

Keep it Casual

Sometimes a first date occurs in a casual environment, like a football game or a trip to the fair. You don’t want to pull out your formal attire or even your favorite heels. Wearing a simple pair of jeans might make you feel a little uncomfortable because you tend to blend into the crowd. For a spin on the ordinary, amaze him by pairing your favorite jeans with a pair of knee-high boots. Skinny jeans are best for this look because you can tuck the jeans into your boots. A kitten heel keeps you from towering over a shorter buy, but if he’s tall, by all means, pull out your stiletto or wedge boots. Another way to dress up a bland outfit? Colorful accessories. Try a leopard print belt or a bright statement necklace.

Laid Back and Stylish

Maxi dresses are another great look for a first date. These long and flowing dresses have a feminine look that can take you effortlessly from an outside event to an indoor restaurant. The thin straps and exposed skin on your upper half perfectly balance the loose and long lower half. A pair of oversized sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes and lets you keep an eye on your date. You can pair the dress with almost any type of shoe, including flats, sandals, and even wedges.

Make Your Work Outfit, Well, Work

For dates that take place after work, you have even more stress on your mind. How can you quickly get ready for your date without making an extra trip home? The easiest way to answer the question is by mixing your business attire with something a little more fun. Swap your button-up shirt for a sheer blouse and wear a fitted blazer or jacket on top for some coverage. You can even unbutton a few of the buttons on your shirt and trade your work pants for a shorter skirt. This look shows him that you are a professional woman who knows how to have fun.

Lady-like Lace

Another fun first-date outfit is something a little more feminine. A hint of delicate lace or a peek of ruffles is both sexy and delicate. Try pairing a polka-dotted dress with a lacy sweater and your favorite heels for a look that will have him wanting more. A lace top, or sheer lace sweater, in a bright color paired with jeans effortlessly, combines your playful and feminine sides. Flats work best with a feminine look because the shoes keep your eyes level with his.

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