Women vs Men – Flirting Signs and Signals

Flirting is the subconscious body’s ‘reflection’ realized with the help of body language. Flirting tips are the visual revelations of our mind expressed sexually. Flirting deals with sexuality but is realized through the mind and unconscious emotional motivations. Flirting tips help us to express ourselves in different situations. And dating is just one of the possible ones.

Flirting makes us feel free and behave naturally to find the right partner. It works in a way as when we want to open the door; we need the right key—just the same as we have here. Flirting tips are the keys to the right door. In fact, flirting signs contain emotional, cognitive, sexual, cultural, and social conventions. They can be different for men and women if different countries and in various social moments, such as a disco club, bar, theatre, cinema, restaurant, or your friend’s house party. You should know what you want when flirting and ensure that the flirting signals convey what you mean in their essence. You also need to separate sexually flirting (when looking for your partner) from friendly flirting (that can be explained as the signs of friendship or your good mood and positive thinking.)

Reading (or ‘scanning’) flirting signs is a very important skill. According to psychologists, men are supposed to be worse ‘flirting tips readers’ than women. But women also tend to misread and misinterpret men’s flirting. Besides, scanning flirting tips needs some ‘theoretical approach; this is a natural process controlled and ruled by your heart (and subconscious mind reactions.) So, how not to misread these signs?


Women Flirting

Women flirting are defined as rather simple but emotionally constant and strong. For example, if your feel that someone from the women group is ‘analysing’ you, you feel the eyes on your body, be sure that this woman is flirting with you. Repeated eye-contacts can signalise flirting too. Women are like wild cats in their flirting tips. They can wait as long as necessary to scan their’ love victims.’ They can demonstrate their passionate feeling by smiling and having positive emotions. Smiling is one of the women flirting tips.

When a woman first gives you a look all over from head to toe and then nods with approval and flashes you with the most winning smile—all this means is women flirting. Women flirting are supposed to be genuine, lucid, vivid, and smiling. They often speak in a polite manner making the moment of speech sweet. Hence, when you see that she is checking you out, keeping looking right at you, trying to look her best for you—be sure that flirting tips are on the road to your heart.

Moreover, you can understand women flirting if you see a lady in bright colours or, for instance, with extremely bright lips. The psychologists say, ‘Carry something to get you noticed, and you will run the show!’ This means the lady wants to have your attention and maybe love. Noticeable things make women charming and ‘centric.’ One of the parts of women flirting is any special accessories on their clothes that work as attention-catchers. To sum up, if you see a woman smiling and watching you in bright or special (effective) clothes (or you feel a special perfume aroma); be sure that this means something more than bright clothes. These are the signs of flirting.

Men Flirting

To some extent, men flirting is considered more direct and less complicated in its interpretation. Some experts say that men are notoriously bad at interpreting flirting tips from women. However, sex sometimes is not the only desired goal. No doubts that men are much more activity orientated, whereas women like to talk about emotions. But love comes to everyone.

Flirting tips are like another linguistic system you can use to modify expressions that seem rude or not concrete. Signs of flirting surprisingly give your body (and your brains through the body) even more information than you are supposed to believe. Women should be attentively accurate with men flirting. If men change their voices and whisper, it means they flirt. If a man goes around you (when you are in a group of girlfriends), pay attention! On the other hand, some men, when flirting, want to make a charismatic impression—they want to play the role of the gangster or the macho to get your complete attention and affectation.

However, sometimes these strong, macho-men are afraid of being rejected when someone else could see this rejection. The same case is when you speak with your friends; men are sometimes afraid to interrupt you because they may be rejected.

Men do not have to do the rounds of a group of women, as no woman wants to feel like ‘second best. Men should refrain from approaching one woman after another in the same group. Just give genuine compliments and irradiate a positive atmosphere. This is sometimes the best way to catch women’s attention. And, of course, it is highly important to respect another person until you have sassed out more about her. Never try to invade as much space as possible. Be kind and polite, and do not express more energy than you need. These are the best flirting tips.

Of course, reading flirting tips and body language is important. But do not think that reading the flirting signs can do the trick. Flirting is how to find a friend or a partner with similar interests. Finally, just be yourself to help your body with flirting tips. It is structured to flirt and love. So, do not control it with your mind. Be proud of who you are. Flirting tips are only small keys that provide you to your partner’s heart but do not guarantee the entire harmony of love for ages. The natural order of things is always more important.

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