How To Be Happy After A Breakup?

Yeah, breakups are hard, but we need to understand that a “breakup is just a phase, and it is temporary.” There might be a lot of questions bugging you during this phase, especially ones like how to move on after a breakup when you are still in love, how to feel good about being single, or why you should be happy after a breakup. But like they say: “Life is a travelogue of good and bad experiences.”

Since we do not always have a clue on whether things can go right or wrong, and we may not necessarily have a ready remedy to fix all the problems in our life, it is the perfect time to reflect and “let go” of things we cannot change. On the other hand, bad circumstances bring in the most loathsome gifts of anxiety and agony. In such situations, we must seek ways to understand how to be happy after a breakup so that we can support ourselves in the course of the experiences that await us.

How to be Happy after a Breakup?

Being single does not mean you don’t know anything about love or that you are weak – it simply means that you are strong enough to wait for what you deserve, rather than being committed to false relationships.

So, stop worrying about staying positive after a breakup because these remedies will help you overcome the pain of heartbreak.

Wondering how to feel happy again after a breakup?

Go ahead and scroll through some amazing tips on how to be happy after a breakup.

“Me” Time

It often happens after a hard day at work; we feel that we have lost ourselves somewhere, and just sitting on our favourite couch with a large cushion on our lap brings so much calmness and delight, which is beyond words.

There are a few easy ways in which we can reclaim that inner “me” by packing our backpacks, sneaking out on a solo tour, and decluttering our minds. Likewise, enjoying silent home stays in isolated valleys or coasts is a perfect way to connect with your inner being and sync with our natural energy flow. Solo trips always help us to learn about those sides of our lives that we have neglected or overlooked. It activates the inner dialogue, which is conducive to our mental health and clarity.

Reset and revive: Break Up and Tea Lovers

Thanks to British Imperialism, the native plants of China took the entire world in awe because of their amazing properties and variety of tastes; it has become the drink of billions of people on the earth. Tea has been the focus of attention in ancient Taoism and Buddhism too. Tea brought clarity to the mind, and the presence of a comfortable amount of caffeine helped the monks to stay vigilant during long hours of meditation, so it has always been an imperial gift in ancient China, Tibet, and Japan.

Though wide varieties of tea are consumed all over the world, few score better for their amazing health-befitting properties. A few notable teas are:

  • Jasmine Tea

Fresh hand-picked jasmine buds are laid out overnight, and a layer of the finest tea covers them. The fragrance of unopened flower buds gets infused in the process, making the tea very rich in antioxidants.

This wonderful creation by the excellent “Tea doctors” during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) is a natural anti-depressant and detoxifier. It helps the mind stay balanced and aids in weight loss due to our erratic eating habits during tough times.

  • Chamomile Infusion

According to ancient teaching, the stomach is said to be the seat of the mind, and when it gets upset, we tend to feel mood swings and cloudy mental states, and vice-versa. Naturopaths suggest an infusion made of fresh or dried chamomile flowers to soothe the stomach and guts, restore our digestion (which is often upset due to stress and other bad eating habits), calm the nerves, and help us get a good night’s sleep.

  • Sip Matcha to get a Zen Mind

A dark-green tea powder made in Japan that can be added to smoothies, iced matcha-lattes, or made into hot tea makes our minds calm as if we are in a post-meditative state. Higher amounts of chlorophyll in the tea make it a potent remedy to feel very relaxed, like Zen masters!

Break Up and Nature Lovers

Nature has always been associated with beauty and healing, and we all crave to see a beautiful sunrise or wake up to the sun-kissed greens around us. They have always been a symbol of patience and endurance to poets, philosophers, and aimless vagabonds. The charm of nature always fills us with new life and joy.

To boost our mood, we can bring home some fancy green plants, which are also considered auspicious according to Fengshui or take morning or evening strolls in parks. What can be better than a tree-hugging exercise? Even metaphysics supports the idea that trees are the storehouse of cosmic energies, which brings a sense of calmness and balance to the hugger.

Like trees, water also plays an important part in uplifting our mood, and it is no coincidence that our body is made of 70% water. The free-flowing nature of the fluid teaches us about feeling “Let Go” during despair. Dipping our feet in the flowing water and watching the fish scurrying around us brings joy and relief.

Often we are so stuck in living roles and behaving maturely that we almost disconnect ourselves from the child hidden within us, which wants to run freely on open pastures and forget about the world.


It has been proven that music activates both the hemispheres of the brain and brings a sense of “euphoria” when we are down mentally.

What can be better than playing Beethoven’s classics and a cascading symphony from Mozart’s collection to soothe our nerves? Enjoy free-spirited dances to lively Hawaiian Country Music and listen to specially designed binaural beats for an awesome repose.


We don’t need to be hard on ourselves every time, do we? While certain things get out of control, all is not lost. We can always pamper ourselves to reclaim that charm of ours that we have been neglecting for some time.

While an exotic fragrance from a favourite brand can be delightful, flaunting ourselves in bright, sexy outfits boosts the mood and gets a few amazed stares too, which we cannot miss!

Spend some part of your day getting a good massage followed by a fragrance bath, as aromas have that magical element in them that has seduced everyone to date.

Use Citrus Aromas in Tea as a blend of diffusers to feel a sense of lightness and peace.

Celebrate Your Health Post-Breakup

“Health is like money; we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” – Josh Billings.

Since we have already wreaked havoc on our system with all our overthinking, stress, and bad eating habits, we can take a break from this unhealthy vicious cycle and often smile, which will make our facial muscles feel better and release more happy hormones.

An attitude of gratitude always pushes our self-created narrow boundaries to see beyond and appreciate all the beautiful things we still have in hand.


Best Ways to Realise Our Mistakes

A conflict is best resolved when we are truthful to ourselves and own up to our mistakes by keeping our “ego” aside. The best way to realize this is by “shunning self-denial,” followed by a clear introspection and analysing the situation, when and why it went wrong.

Attacks and counter-attacks, or “blame games” never take us far and always sour a relationship. Even post-breakup, it can fill us with remorse, guilt, vengeance, and whatnot. If things have ended, we should also root out the negative feelings, which will at least bring peace by removing our focus from our not-so-happy past and overthinking.

Art of Acceptance and Clarity

“Clarity affords focus.”

Often we feel that the whole world has turned around us and every door to happiness is shut in our face – this should be a warning bell that we should change the way we think to get some clarity or accept damnation.

To get a clear picture of the events in our lives, we must first accept the situation and things EXACTLY the way they are.

This action removes our focus on correcting things we cannot do under the given circumstances. So try and make an effort to accept both the good and the worst. Even when we cannot accept it, at least accept the fact that we have made a move.

We should assess ourselves by identifying our vulnerable and stronger sides and be at peace. Accept it and have patience if we’re confused or in a hangman situation. And always remember that sometimes solutions are not at hand because they are meant to be that way, and “LET GO!”.

Eventually, in the infinite sky of life surrounded by a pal of darkness, the sun will surely make its way through.

Encourage positive thoughts after a breakup

We all know we are strong enough to deal with our issues; it’s just the panic of walking alone as we get accustomed to enjoying the support and giving up our freedom when we are in love. According to Loves a game, you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. We hope the remedies will help you define how to be a happy single after a breakup. However, we should keep our heads high, as relationships are not always about compromise. It is about two people in the mode of exploration and admiration of each other’s individuality.

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