How To Get Him Back – 5 Proven Ways

Men’s attitudes toward life can sometimes be very hot or cold, yes or no. They sometimes have trouble seeing the in-between of things. This can be true of their romantic relationships. Whether it’s a marriage or a long-term boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, a guy can go along as if everything is fine. After which – boom – it is as if somebody flipped a switch. Suddenly, he cools off for no apparent reason.

This is why, when you are romantically involved with a man, it can come as a bit of a surprise when one day he just ups and leaves you for no apparent reason. Sure, you may have been aware of some problems that existed between the two of you. But, it can be a mystery as to what made him actually leave you.

The pain that you are left with after he leaves can run deep. You may be left with a feeling of a void in your life that only he can fill. For many women in your situation, the best thing may just be to walk away and move on. However, if you truly feel that the two of you are good together and are meant to be a couple, you may not want to give up so easily.

If you are asking, “How to get him back?” Well, here are five proven ways to lure him back into your arms:

1. Take on a new area of personal learning and growth:

Men are attracted to women who are independent. While men do like to feel needed by their women, it is a turn-on when a woman seems like she can take care of herself. One way to assert your independence from him (or any man) is to continue on a path of personal growth. This could be through taking a class, joining a community of interest, or taking on a new hobby. Lose yourself in this new activity – really get into it – and you will automatically come across as that much more desirable to your ex.

2. Do something a little extra to enhance your look:

There is no need to go out and get a complete makeover to try to lure him back. However, do one small thing for yourself, like getting a new hairstyle, buying a pretty jacket, or losing a few pounds. The key is to look better but without making it seem like you are trying too hard.


3. Let him know you are still interested in him but do not come on too strong:

Please continue to show occasional interest in him. You can even be bold about letting him know that the door is still open – for now. But do not get all mushy about it. Your goal should be to avoid overwhelming him. Just be convincing and concise – then move on with your day. Your coolness about the topic will drive him nuts (in a good way).

4. Go about your life as if things were basically normal:

Now, go about your day-to-day routine as you were before. This is no time to throw yourself off of your regular routine majorly. A new area of personal growth – yes. A new hairdo – sure. But, not a major life course change. Just keep it smooth and steady. He will admire your strength.

5. Occasionally contact him to keep in touch:

Every once in a while, contact him or get together for coffee. Stay in touch without coming across as too clingy. This will give you a chance to see what he is up to while at the same time letting him know about your life and all that you are doing with it.

Try these five proven ways on how to get him back. Then, if he starts to take the bait, get expert help in putting together a plan to reel him in and rekindle the love and passion between the two of you.

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