How Zodiac Signs Handle Breakups And Rejection

Breakups always mark an important event in your lifetime. No matter whether it’s tough or easy, not only is it a sudden adjustment to your life, but it’s also an emotional moment of rejection and loss. You once spent a significant portion of your life with this person, and poof, now he or she is gone. Now, who are you supposed to send those funny texts to? Who are you supposed to binge-watch the TV series “Friends” with? Who are you going to hit the dance floor with every weekend? It’s a big alteration – and, of course, it is difficult to cope initially and figure out how to be happy after a breakup. This post will discuss how Zodiac Signs handle breakups and Rejection and eventually move on with life!

And when you feel the state of emptiness is never going to disappear! But it will!

This is How Zodiac Signs handle Breakups.

It’s normal to feel this way when you break up. It brings mixed feelings of insecurity, rejection, and separation to the surface. Though very uncomfortable, these episodes happen to everyone whenever you decide to end an intimate relationship with someone you have adored all this while. In fact, whether you like it or not, at some point in life, you will experience rejection. You might be the one rejecting another person or be rejected, and that’s when a relationship comes to an end. Sometimes it’s even difficult to accept it – we all handle these feelings of hurt and loneliness differently when it comes to moving on after a breakup. Some of us refuse to deal with the pain and go into denial. Some of us lay in bed under blankets for ten days straight, and some of us find it convenient to jump into a brand new relationship.

It’s okay not to know. Sometimes, you have to flow along with time. You’ll know eventually.

How Zodiac Signs Cope after a Breakup

A lot of questions must bug you.

How do you get through a breakup alone? How to heal a broken heart? How to be happy after a breakup? Well, there are plenty of ways to handle a breakup. It depends on you, whichever way appeals to you and makes you happy. The Breakup Cafe presents different ways Zodiac signs handle breakups and eventually recover!


An Aries is passionate, assertive, straightforward, and sometimes domineering. They generally give their heart and soul in a relationship. They are great initiators! They excel at starting romantic relationships but might face difficulty staying through the course. Well, that happens to all of us. When Aries decides they are done with a relationship, even moving mountains won’t win this person back. They are very adamant and stubborn when it comes to sticking to their choices in life. However, the “coldness” is just an exterior.

Aries tend to fall in love hard and fast. They tend to get attached too easily, which causes most of the pain. What kills them more is boredom, not having anyone to share an adventure with or to share a fun conversation with. Since they don’t like to appear weak, they tend to distract themselves with lots of new commitments — learning a new language, a cooking class, taking up a new job, planning a trip with their best friends—anything that keeps their mind busy and incapable of dwelling in the past. 

Breathe. Take some time. Be the way you want to be!


When it comes to love and relationships, Aquarians are very passionate lovers. If you are an Aquarius, you know you are quirky, independent, and quite challenging to pin down, but at the same time, you have a huge amount of love and joy to bring to the right partner. You’re so independent that you don’t ever let yourself get attached (only rarely). You won’t hesitate to give your all sexually once you are sure of your feelings for him. But now, you’re hurting because you got attached, you fell in love, and now it’s all gone. It feels like being cut open slowly with a dull knife, right? Don’t worry. You just need to find your way back to where you belong: the limelight!

However, the Aquarius is a hard shell to crack, especially after a difficult breakup. So, very simple things can relieve their stress. It can be reconnecting with best friends, watching favourite movies, indulging in fantasy and fiction, shopping, or working on their careers. They don’t need too much. Just a little helping hand from someone who understands them and engages things to buy them time to get over the breakup. 


If you are born under the sign of Centaur, you certainly sport a fiery and sizzling spirit in love. You crave passion, romance, lust, and adventures – all in one. You are one most fun-loving people in the expanse of the Zodiac cycle. A typical Sagittarian can easily breeze through weird as well as stressful events. They generally don’t sweat on small stuff because it’s not worth it. Not that they don’t ever take things seriously. They do. But only when they feel it’s necessary. However, when it comes to relationships, they do not hesitate to hold back. Although, it might take time for them to open up to their partners and commit completely. Like everyone else’s, not all relationships with the sweet Sagittarius work out.

Sagittarians enjoy freedom and travel. Their optimistic mindset will remind them that this breakup isn’t a negative but a positive one as now they have time to travel. So, socialize. Hang out with old & new friends. Focus on personal development. Go shopping. Spend on yourself. Aim. Study. Make things happen.


You’re a romantic sign, and you love the idea of being in love – at least, in theory. You like to be swept away by the romance and have the capability to feel everything tinged with magic and fantasy. You are gentle, nurturing and sensitive, and your partner relies on you to soften the rough edges. You’re eternally searching for a partner to provide security and freedom, and you can be genuinely puzzled when they don’t come in one package. You can be a hardcore realist one second, then desperate to escape into a fantasy world the next. Unlike some of the other “worst” breakup signs, Pisces will be able to sit down, see the situation from all perspectives, and understand why. However, understanding “why” doesn’t necessarily mean Pisces is completely okay with it.

It will take some time for you to recover. Hopefully, you’ll be able to channel all the negative things you’re feeling into some creative projects. Talk it out rather than distancing yourself. Hang out a lot. You enjoy the company of close friends. Go on trips. And acknowledge that you are good enough and it’s just a bad phase.

Have faith in yourself—you might end up doing things you might not have imagined.


If you are born under the sign of the Crab, you are loving, sensitive, and want to be showered with love. They will do everything with love and passion. Being the zodiac’s most sensitive sign, Cancer does everything with love in mind and in the heart. They are the most tender lovers; trust me, they will care for you in ways many others do not know how.

However, if a Cancerian feels that the love is inadequate, they may become overly jealous and insecure, sometimes to the extent of getting clingy. But it just means they don’t want to break up and end relationships. Cancers are among the kindest and most caring people around – but simply because of their hard-to-predict moods, it gets difficult to cope with them. Sometimes when the partner leaves them, it takes some time for the reality to sink in. You will spend a few weeks after a breakup just sitting there with your eyes closed, thinking about when your ex’s smell will fade from your pillow. You will just let your sadness define your moods.

After you’re satisfied that the moment was emotionally poignant enough, Cancer will decide to move on. There are several things that Cancerians resort to for passing the breakup phase, such as shopping, travelling, eating good food, meeting new people after a breakup, hitting the gym and working out rigorously, and lastly, engaging themselves in too much work. Just one thing – don’t try to build up an iron-clad wall around your heart; there’s no need to isolate yourself and not let yourself feel the good things coming your way.

You’re better than you think. Never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t.


When it comes to love, the lion is loyal, contagious, exciting, possessive, generous, and hard to forget. They are bold – a Leo will leave no doubt to their loved one of their feelings. A Leo in love is usually very generous with loved ones. They enjoy the beauty around them and will appreciate the beauty you bring to their lives. Being true to your Leo and showering them with honest love and intentions will make your Leo bond to you for life. Once that trust is established, expect to be pampered and taken care of. However, their extremely forward and self-assured nature can sometimes come across as aggressive in personal relationships.

Honestly, Leo, how you act after a breakup depends on whether you did the breaking up or whether someone broke your heart. Mostly, when someone breaks up with you, all hell breaks loose. You feel exhausted and shut off your emotions. This is exactly when you should use your “extrovert” side – you have a lot of expendable energy. Talk with your folks, concentrate on your career, go on dates, and do those things you liked the most but didn’t do while in a relationship. Remember, you have an amazing personality and such warmth and joy about you; never let that go!


The sign of twins suggests you have so many sides to your personality that it’s hard to find just one person compatible with all of them. Love isn’t an easy task for the Gemini, and then there’s the fact that you love to flirt! The courtship phase is your absolute favourite. You love everything from the suggestive sidelong glances to the naughty text messages that lure people to fall for your charming persona. The trouble is, you aren’t always great at distinguishing a fling from the real thing. Although Geminis are capable of long-term commitments, it’s usually after an exhausting series of affairs. Your taste constantly seeks variety. One minute, you’re totally into someone; the next, you’ve lost interest and moved on to the next conquest. There’s no halfway for you. A part of you seeks eternal love, yet, you have an equal hunger for freedom. However, once a Gemini finds that true partner, they can be incredibly loyal.

A breakup is indeed very difficult for Gemini to cope with. It’s because you do not know how to handle emotions. The only way you know how to counterbalance the unbearable pain is to crack a bunch of jokes about yourself and your ex. Let it loose. Let yourself laugh. You need it. Start getting involved with friends, get social, read books, join a gym, install a dating app and go for random dates. Once you have enough people to communicate with, soon, life will be back in the groove for you as you’ve always dreamt it could be!


Scorpio is known to be one of the zodiac’s most profound and mysterious signs. They can easily make people feel comfortable and connected with that magnetic aura and searing insight into others. They are passionate—oh, yes! There’s certainly truth in the notion that Scorpios are highly sexual, as they prefer to exhibit their passion with a trusted partner in private. They are deeply emotional beings. They’re serious and thoughtful towards the people they love, but if someone wrongs them, they will not forget it in a hurry. Scorpio can be a powerful investor in love when supported by compatible signs and mutual vibes. Scorpio can be a powerful investor in love when supported by harmonious signs and energies. But simultaneously, when ignited by conflicting passions, a Scorpio’s relationship can erupt into an unpleasant melodrama.

We all take time to get over relationships. Double that time, and that is what scorpions need. Scorpio will say that they are over a certain someone but will still check up on their social media profiles every Friday night. Letting go is certainly not their cup of tea. Scorpios still remember the time their ex used a pen and didn’t give it back, and now and then, they think about what would happen if they made a point of asking for it back. Let the pen go, Scorpio. It doesn’t work anymore anyway, and the other person doesn’t even remember taking it. This pen is a metaphor for the relationship and the love they gave. Of course, it’s painful, but there are several things you can do that will help you. Talk to your friends and family; share your feelings; join a yoga class; meditate; you are a very sexual person – go hookup; focus on your career, and think positively. It’s like a new life you have got. Make it count.

An end is also a Beginning. You can be a completely new version of yourself.


If you are born under the sign of Virgo, then you are known to be down-to-earth and practical. However, when it comes to love and relationships, Virgo might face a challenge, given their high standards. As the zodiac’s perfectionist, it’s hard for anyone to measure up to your criteria. You’d rather be a loner than settle for anything less—a great attitude, but only as long as you keep your expectations realistic.

However, as lovers, you are highly intelligent, intuitive, practical, loyal and utterly devoted to your partner. You will do anything to love and support them, even to the point of sacrificing your interests. You are the selfless martyr who cares deeply. If Virgos have invested a lot of emotion, time, and money into the relationship, they will try to keep it intact at all costs. They can be too rooted in the union that they may not know how to detach anymore. If Virgo sees that a breakup is inevitable, they try hard to make it work, but if all else fails, they try to let go. Nevertheless, getting over a relationship they tried hard to work out is difficult.

You’re constantly overthinking what you could have done differently and how you’ll probably overcome this “sad forever” phase. Virgo generally turns to work to feel the void in their hearts and can find difficulty finding a new mate as they were too invested in their past relationship. However, being career focused will help you get over the breakup. Find happiness and completeness within; go out and open up. Don’t close your heart to new things coming your way. Things get better eventually. So will you.

Be Strong and keep that Smile!


In love, Libras are one of the most romantic and soft-hearted of the zodiac. They adore being happily coupled. They love the idea of loving someone and being loved. You spoil your partner, and you like to be spoilt. A Libra in love exudes a highly attractive self-confidence. They are sure of themselves and can be master seducers once they set their eyes and hearts on you. They are very good conversationalists and give personalised attention to their loved ones. However, the indecisiveness of a Libra can be hurtful in a relationship.

Loyal Librans rarely like to break up as it causes discord in their comfortable lifestyles. A Libra’s biggest struggle during a breakup is feeling lost. You don’t know exactly what you need—would it make you feel better to be alone or around people? What if this breakup was a bad idea? Should you call them? You get caught up in too many uncertainties instead of just committing to the breakup and letting yourself move on to whatever works best for you.

Libras are probably the least likely to initiate a breakup. They hate confrontations, and ending relationships of all kinds is hard for them. Time is very important for Libra to move on and get past the relationship trauma. Get indulged in yourself – do things you love; self-introspect and focus on work; keep yourself busy with some of your hobbies; catch up with friends; cherish all the good memories because no matter even if those moments don’t exist anymore but at some time, they were the best days you had in your relationship.


Taurus is old-fashioned when it comes to love, a complex combo of toughness and sensitivity. You may appear completely composed to the outside world, but inside, you’re a hopeless romantic looking for that “love of a lifetime.” Your needs are basic: you want a stable, loyal partner who’s affectionate and classy, which is, of course, not an easy task to find. For one thing, Taurus hates change, and that’s why you don’t just throw yourself into relationships. Once you’re in, you’re in. Predictability may be boresome, but for you, it simply provides a canvas on which you create a lovely timeline of memories with your love. So when that relationship gets pulled out from underneath you, all you can think about is how great everything used to be instead of focusing on the future like you need to.

Taurus might take absolutely the longest to move on from a breakup because you don’t know how to let go of your partner or your pain; all you want is for things just to go back to the way they were, and this coping mechanism of wanting to live in the past just completely holds you back. Don’t worry, Taurus; you are not the only one who finds breakups difficult. Never mind, there’s still hope of reviving your spirit back. Focus on your interests (you know you have too many); plan trips; pay attention to yourself and everyone around – you never know what you’ll like. So be welcoming and don’t hold back at all.


For Capricorn, love is a serious business. You’re not one to play around as the zodiac’s most goal-oriented sign. Chances are that you’ve already thought of a 10-year plan for your relationship, and your partner must forward that agenda. Flings aren’t your thing; you’d rather be alone than jump from partner to partner. The loyalty of Capricorns is not to be underestimated, no matter how flirty you appear on the surface. They value things and cherish them over a long period. However, when it comes to breakups, Capricorns are way too practical. You’re smart enough to know that you must acknowledge your sadness and look it in the face. However, instead of being overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next, you just always focus on the ‘next step’ of getting over that person. You should give yourself the appropriate amount of time you think you need to grieve. Focus on the things you can control, unfollow them or hide them on social media if that helps!

If a Capricorn breaks the bond, this star sign is no quitter. There’s only one reason for it – you’re getting in the way of their ambitions or somehow holding them back. Despite being realistic, Capricorns do not handle heartbreak well; they brood over it silently over a long period. If you are going through such a phase, keep yourself busy – focus on your career; love yourself; try new activities like cooking, trekking or whatever appeals to you; go on dates; and most importantly, keep that pragmatic attitude of your running.

Sometimes, mistakes are good. It makes you realize what you should avoid in the future.

Lastly, Zodiac Relationship Advice

Now that you have a clearer glimpse of how Zodiac signs handle breakups and rejection, we hope it’ll guide you to get past this terrible phase.

Woah! That was a hell of a ride! However, remember that time is the greatest healer, so don’t look too far ahead into the future and worry about what it holds. Instead, take each day as it comes, and find something to look forward to in the short term – it could be a vacation you’ve planned with friends, a reunion with family, a promotion at work, or just dinner out at your favourite restaurant. So, don’t just rely on time. Keep moving along with it. Unless you do that, you wouldn’t be able to move ahead in matters of the heart.

Give time, time – and yourself too. Everything will fall into place eventually.

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  1. Omg – as a Gemini I can totally relate to this! I find it so hard to figure out whether a guy really likes me, or if he’s just looking for a one-night-stand… But at the same time I’m really hot and cold when it comes to my interest in people too – one minute, I could be totally obsessed with someone, the next minute I have absolutely no interest in them!

    My last relationship ended in July – there’s some moments that I feel like I’m completely over them, but at other times I feel so lost and feel as if it was a mistake to end the relationship… I’ve joined a gym recently and I’ve been trying to go on dates too when I have the time – but I still feel deflated and unsure of what I’m actually doing with my life! What are some other things that I can do to get over this?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Shannon,

      It’s good that you have started to move on by doing the things you love such as going to the gym and going on dates! However, it seems like you are still going through the grieving process if you are still thinking of your ex every now and then. Different people grieve at different rates. There’s nothing you can do really but let time pass so that you can process your loss. Keep your chin up and keep moving forward!

      Kind regards,


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