Is It Normal For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?

If you are in a relationship where your girlfriend hits you, you may be wondering if this is normal.

A girlfriend hitting her boyfriend is not normal, especially in a non-playful way. It causes physical and emotional damage to men, making it difficult to have a healthy relationship.

This blog will give tips on dealing with an abusive girlfriend.

Is it okay if my girlfriend hits me?

If you are experiencing physical abuse from your girlfriend, it’s not okay. Violence can cause physical and emotional damage to you and your relationship.

However, it is quite common, as 40% of men reported at least one act of domestic violence by their partner in the past year. Verbal abuse and emotional abuse are much more common, with 80% of men have experienced it from a female partner.


Why does my girlfriend hit me?

There are many different reasons why a girlfriend might hit you. If she doesn’t show you any affection, she may start to resent you for the loveless relationship.

Another possible reason is that she has no friends to go out with or hobbies to focus on. She only has you. As a result, she may not be very good at communication and doesn’t know how to deal with difficult negative emotions, which may lead her to resort to physical violence as a means of communication.

If this is the reason why she’s hiting you, let her know that you are not okay with the violent behaviour. However, this can be a problem if she has anger issues or does not respect you and regularly treats you badly.

What to do if your girlfriend hits you?

If you are experiencing physical abuse from your girlfriend, you need to know what to do! You can’t hit her back and worsen the situation, but passively taking the hits won’t work either.

Step 1. Defend yourself

If she hits you, the first step is to stay calm and protect yourself. If she hits you with an open hand, try to block the blow with your arm. If she punches you, try to dodge by ducking or jumping out of the way. Don’t hit her back, but take control of the situation and make her stop hitting you.

Step 2. Talk to her and calm her down

Do not talk while she is hitting you, but once you have settled the situation or separated yourself from her, you can talk. It will help if you have a serious talk to her about what happened and why she hit you. Let her know that physical violence is unacceptable and you will not stand for it. Furthermore, don’t get carried away with your emotions. The last thing you want is for the two of you to argue during a fight.

Step 3. If she doesn’t stop, walk away from her

If she doesn’t listen or stop hitting you, it is best to walk away from her. Your safety is always a priority in any argument. Leave the room, go to another part of the house or leave the house. This can help both of you to take a breather and reflect on what caused the conflict in the first place.

When is it time to break up?

If your girlfriend continues to hit you regularly, you may need to take action. It is best to end this toxic relationship. Ending an abusive and toxic relationship is the best thing you can do in the long run. It’s not easy, but it’s the best way to protect yourself and your future from any physical or emotional violence. 

Here are some tips on how to end an abusive relationship:

Be honest and say you don’t want to be with her anymore – there’s no need to fear her reaction. By hesitating, you are hurting yourself the most. Leave her for good.

Cut off all contact with her. Make sure you have blocked her out of everything you can find. If you don’t hear from her over time, she will forget about you.

Seek professional help no matter what. If you feel that you cannot end the relationship on your own, seeking professional help may be a good idea. A lawyer can help you get a restraining order or file for divorce (if you are married).

Use a support group. There are many support groups that can help you through this difficult process.

As a last resort, you can call the police. I’m sure that they will make sure that your ex-girlfriend does not bother you again.

Common questions I get a lot :

Am I the reason my girlfriend hits me?

It is not your fault that she hits you. Only an abusive partner will tell you that.

However, it can be tricky when you are in a relationship, and things go wrong. In some cases, it may be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the problems, but in others, it is clear that someone is to blame.

Although the situation may escalate in the relationship, domestic violence is never an option. Your girlfriend may have anger issues, but it is unacceptable for her to hit you.

If my girlfriend hits me, should I leave her?

If she gets physical, should you break up with her?

Is it an accidental or intentional hit? Is this an isolated incident, or is she regularly violent?

If she has apologised and shown remorse, you may be able to work things out. However, if she has a history of hitting you and does not apologise or try to reconcile with you, it may be best to end the relationship.

Should I forgive her?

There is no need to get angry at your girlfriend if the hit was accidental.

However, if she wanted to hit you, talk to her about why she did it and how it affected your relationship. If you decide to forgive your girlfriend, make sure it doesn’t happen again.

How does it feel for a man to be physically assaulted by a woman?

It is a confusing and, frankly, a painful experience. A man is hurt more emotionally than physically when the person he loves attacks him.

If a woman is abusing you, there are many ways to get out of this. You can talk to a friend or family member about what is happening to you or seek professional guidance.

Should I hit her back?


That would only make the situation worse and ruin your relationship. The worst thing is to get into legal trouble if you hit your girlfriend. Never hit women.


If you are in a relationship where your girlfriend hits you, it is essential that it stops. The physical violence can become a habit that will ruin your relationship and your mental health.

You are worse off in every way if you are in an abusive relationship. Seek help if necessary or call your domestic violence hotline. If you can’t stop it, it’s best to end the relationship.

There are therapists and support groups to help men and women in abusive relationships. You do not have to suffer in silence.

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