When To Let Go Of Someone You Love?

The red flags are often in front of you that things are not working out in your relationship. Constant fighting, cheating, or conflicting choices often lead to heartbreak, followed by agony. However, you still tend to keep aside these incidences as you are unsure whether you should take the leap of breaking up with that person. As a result, you keep on brushing them aside, consoling yourself that they are too subtle to be taken with seriousness. Well, it is easy to say “let go of a relationship” that isn’t working out, but hard to do even when you know it’s the right thing to do. First, you must be very sure that you are making the right decision. In this post, The Breakup Cafe brings you a list of 10 signs that’ll aid you in knowing when to let go of someone you love. 


Knowing When To Let Go

A failed relationship can invoke a thousand painful emotions in your mind and cause endless agony. Whether it’s a marriage or just lovers, it isn’t easy to accept that it finally didn’t work out even when you gave your best. Trust me, it happens. It is not easy letting go of someone you love – let’s not sugarcoat it. You are faced with several unwanted questions you dread, like how to let him go and move on, or should I let him go or fight for him? Accepting that your relationship is over and deciding when it is time to let go of someone you love is daunting. Well, We are here to help! 

These following ten profound signs are your Bat Signal that depicts that your relationship has become as doomed as Gotham and the only way out is to cut it loose and let yourself free. 

1. Chilling alone with Netflix seems better than having that person to share the popcorn bucket with.

Well, let’s face it. The spark has been lost. You like spending time alone or with your friends or office colleagues more than with your partner, whereas there was a time when you used to keep everything and everyone else aside to spend some significant time with your partner. Yes, that practice was not at all healthy to curb your social life for the sake of your relationship. Having some me-time to read a book or going to a yoga class, spending time with friends and family, going on that long-awaited hiking trip with your school friends, fantasizing about your favorite Netflix characters, or just daydreaming – are necessary activities that work as food for the soul. But do you look forward to that alone time? Or do you keep finding ways to avoid spending time with your partner?

2. When you start unreasonable fights that lead nowhere.

It’s a sign when the little quirks you used to find cute before have started annoying you. You keep on fighting all the time over minor or less significant issues. That humming in the shower or cracking silly jokes is something that irritates you now. You keep fighting over every relevant or not-so-relevant issue, and none of you is ready to accept their fault or make it up to the other person later. 

3. When you have lost mutual respect

Disrespect is not only about thinking or saying foul things about someone. If your partner is sitting in front of you sharing some problems that she is having in her office, and you see yourself scrolling through Facebook on your phone instead of paying attention to her, that is disrespectful enough. Or maybe the ideologies or goals that your partner has are something you find to be of no or little value now, and your partner also feels the same about you. You find yourself too good for your partner and feel you deserve better. Demeaning and belittling each other have become a constant habit for you two. Let’s not go into the judgment of who is at fault, but it is as clear as crystal that something in your relationship has gone wrong.

4. When breaking up and patching up are on a constant loop

Is it quite often that your relationship becomes stagnant? Or are you breaking up on the hit of an argument frequently? Subsequently, patching up again when things become normal or maybe because you don’t like the idea of being alone. Moreover, this process of breaking up and patching up has become a continuous loop in your relationship, whereas nothing is changing for the better.


5. When you two have Negligible or No Sexual Activity

It’s common for couples to experience ups and downs in their sexual and emotional lives. Your lives become more hectic, and you’re not always going to be active. You might want to consider ending your relationship if you no longer feel sexually attracted to your partner. If you’ve become ‘friends’ or ‘roommates who stay together,’ and the sexual chemistry has disappeared, and you don’t see it returning anytime soon, trust me, it’s time to split up.

A low level of sexual activity will likely result in relationship discontent, resentment, and even infidelity, and it will probably worsen over time. Focusing on this seems superficial, but it is an important issue. There are many reasons you might be less interested in sex, so it is important to consider them. If you turn off the thought of having sex with your partner, your relationship might be doomed.

6. When sex is the only thing that’s left

Is sex the only thing that keeps you two together? If the main purpose of your relationship is to meet your physical needs and both of you are okay with taking your relationship casually this way, then it’s absolutely fine. But if that’s not the case and you two are only about all sex and no interaction, then this is something you should definitely give a thought too.

7. When there are too many insecurities, whether jealousy or suspicions

You often find him becoming silent while noticing you talking over the phone. You find out that he has changed his passwords. And all of these make you paranoid. But when you try to confront him, all he does is dodge your concerns by saying these are all in your head. And if that is the case, then you have to seriously think about what’s making you restless so often.

8. When your partner takes a back seat in your list of priorities

Let’s get this fact straight. You miss being single. You feel your relationship is becoming a hindrance in the way of your career growth or is hampering your relationship with your friends. You feel happier when that person is not around you. You find it comfortable to avoid sharing things and like keeping secrets often. You don’t even care anymore what that person is feeling or what the struggles your partner is going through. All you care about right now is you and your life. 

9. When you start developing feelings for someone else

If, at any point in time, you have developed a romantic feeling for a third person, or maybe you have caught your partner red-handed cheating on you with his ex or an office colleague. In either case, if the other person is not ready to forgive the person in question, then it’s high time to call things off without further nagging and dragging things. There’s no point in increasing headache along with heartache.

10. When you two have conflicting life goals

You might want to work with a Travel agency and travel the world, whereas your partner doesn’t want to leave her hometown as she has a family boutique she runs now. Or maybe your partner doesn’t want any kids and is a woman who wants to focus only on her career, whereas you want to have at least 2. If most of your visions and goals for your future don’t match up, then quite naturally, you can not see any future together. It is as close to knowing when to Let Go of Someone you Love. 

If both of you are teenagers, there may be a certain possibility that your choices and ideas will change, but that’s not the case. There is no possibility of any intersection of choices; then, you should rethink the future of your relationship.

If you’re reading this post, then you must be having some doubts about your relationship. You’re trying every bit of resource, knowing when to let go of that person. Some amount of questioning and soul-searching is perfectly healthy for any relationship, but now you know that unsettling feeling in your gut is telling you that it’s high time to let it all go!

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