How To Make Him Miss You

1. Don’t spend too much time with him

A good way to make him to miss you is to spend less time with him.

I know that you desperately want to be with him and do fun things with him. Laugh and have fun together. Going to that one nice lunch spot or that new wine bar in town.

However, the reality is he doesn’t want to do those fun things with you. That’s painful, but it’s the truth. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

Meanwhile, there are other people who will very much want to go on fun things and adventures with you. Instead of spending time with people who don’t really want to be with you, spend time with people who do. Your BFFs, for example. 

So consider calling up that friend again that you haven’t talked to in a long time. Or plan something exciting with them, such as going on a hike, to the movies, or even a picnic.

You will realise that instead of spending all your time with him, you can also spend your time with others. This will be beneficial to you and will lessen your obsession with him.

And you know the best part?

It also increases the chances that he’ll start missing you.

When is a man going to miss a woman? 

When she is less available and him seeing you spending time with your friends doing all the fun things.

This will allow him to think back to the fun memories when you were doing all those things together and realise how much he actually would have liked to be in Ibiza with you right now instead of you being with your group of girlfriends.


2. Take good care of your body and mind

We all know that men are slightly more visually oriented than women. A well-groomed and fit-looking woman quickly attracts men. But this does not give you an excuse for not exercising and taking care of yourself right now.

After all, the body and your mind are connected to each other. Research shows that exercising does wonders for your mind. When you decide to go to the gym, or decide to go running, whatever it is: it will change your state of mind.

You will be less likely to have negative thoughts about him or about that “broken-heart” playlist on Spotify.

The fact that you start caring for yourself by exercising, eating healthy, and getting in shape will greatly increase the chances that he will miss you. He will be unable to resist you when he sees that fit body on Facebook!

Chances are he will reach out to you again!

3. Make him jealous

A moment ago, we talked about taking good care of yourself and spending time with your girlfriends.

This comes down to filling in and living your life the way YOU want to with fun and exciting things.

When he feels that you are moving on with your life, he will definitely start thinking about you. This will eventually lead him to start missing you and want you back.

The other day I received an obvious but good question from someone.

How can I ensure that he finds out about my fun activities and exercise if he no longer calls me?

In the past, this would have been a challenge. You would have to write a pamphlet, have it printed at the local printer, and stand on the street corner to hand it out, hoping one would get to him.

However, now you can use the power of social media.

When you see a photo of your friend wearing a pair of stylish shoes on Facebook, you suddenly have the desire to have those shoes as well and feel jealous that your friend has them.

Research has shown that jealousy via social media can have a positive effect on relationships. In fact, people get jealous of what they see on someone else’s Facebook.

So feel free to make him jealous by posting pictures of yourself or your new booty after all that squatting in the gym or those photos from the weekend trip to Barcelona.

All that social media suddenly becomes a very useful tool. 😉

4. Move on with your life if you Him to Miss You

With the above tips, you already have quite a bit to make him miss you. However, the question remains, is it enough?

This brings us to the most important tip of all.

It’s not really a trick but rather a lifestyle…

Do you know that song by the singer Ne-Yo, “Miss Independent”? In it, he sings about how much he would like to spend time with that independent woman. He loves her because she’s an independent woman.

Therefore, it is important to go back to living your own life completely and become the person you were before. Or even: more fun and positive person!

Of course, you don’t know if he will eventually want you back or if he misses you.

But let’s be honest:

Life is too short to pay so much attention to someone who pays no attention to us.

After all, the time you spend missing him and hoping he comes back, you could also spend working on yourself and becoming a high-value woman. 

In other words, move on and get on with your life. You show that you are independent, and men will find you attractive.

You can also start dating other men and have fun with them. This helps in the coping process and makes you miss him less.

When he sees that you are moving on with your life and won’t keep waiting for him, it will make him think, “Wait a minute, is this really over? Did I make a mistake?”

At the end of the day, this will make you become your better self.

Focus on new, exciting things.

You are still in a bubble that you totally love him, but if you meet other people, it will get much easier to let go of him.

So moving on with your life is a WIN-WIN situation. It always works out in the end!

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