6 Common Reasons Why Divorce Happens

Divorce is on the rise and has been for a while; at the same time, there are fewer marriages going on each year, and it is seriously looking like the world is heading towards being a society of singles. Great for the dating scene, but if all you want is to find someone to date long term and maybe settle down with and start a happily ever after, something must be done.

The best way to give your relationships the best chance of success is to learn from other people’s mistakes (and perhaps your own), so here are four ideas for some mistakes you might like to avoid:

1. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the legal reasons for divorce. It begins as an emotional affair, which later becomes a physical affair. There’s no denying that infidelity can be a devastating experience. Infidelity is responsible for 30-50% of divorces and divorces. It is one of the most common causes of divorce. Some relationships resist infidelity, while in others, it becomes an affront impossible to overcome.

People cheat for a variety of reasons, not just because they are angry. In addition to sexual appetite and emotional intimacy, anger and resentment are common causes. Infidelity is often born out of seemingly innocent friendships, says cheating expert Ruth Houston. It starts as an emotional relationship and becomes physical as time goes on.


2. Having Difficulties With Finances

Couples who do not agree on the financial strategy are at risk of big problems or getting divorced. Financial incompatibility is a major cause of divorce, accounting for 39% of all divorces. It is often because one partner makes a lot more money than the other that power struggles occur in a marriage. It can also add to difficulties if a couple’s financial situations differ a lot. “Money touches everything,” says Emmet Burns, SunTrust brand marketing director. Couples typically see money and stress as closely related.

3. Letting Arguments Drag On

In relationships, arguments happen. No matter how compatible you are, you and your partner will fall out from time to time. This is natural enough and certainly isn’t a good reason to break up. The problem comes when arguments drag on. Arguments that start with annoyance can quickly become bitter, and feelings can be hurt.

Learning to apologise, empathise and move on, even if you think you are in the right, is just as important as being able to admit when you are wrong.


4. Failing To Share

Most problems that lead to a breakup or even a divorce start off small. No one goes from euphoric happiness to wanting to quit dating overnight. If you want to get past the flirting stage and build a lasting relationship, learning to share your problems whilst still small is super important.

5. Failing To Be Shared To

Like the point above, when you start dating, you need to set a culture of sharing and ensure that your partner feels safe sharing problems with you. If you are the brash sort who reacts badly to criticism and goes on the offensive, you will make it hard for anyone to be open with you.

Relationship breakdowns happen all the time where one-half of the partnership thinks everything is going swimmingly. It’s only sometimes for this failure to be approachable, but often it is, and it’s not a nice feeling.

6. Complacency

When you first start a new relationship, it all feels new and exciting, you are both flirty with one another, and you can’t wait to spend time together. Long term, though, once the honeymoon period is over, this effect wears off, and you have to start making an effort.

All relationships take work

Day in and day out, you have to make an effort to spend time together and enjoy doing so. That doesn’t mean you have to try to enjoy each other’s company if you don’t (if that is the case, you probably should break up), but remembering to allow yourselves time to de-stress and relax together is the key – if you can’t do that you have to wonder what the point is really.

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