5 Tips to Score a Second Date with Him

A gentleman’s preferences may vary, but when it comes to how a lady presents herself on a first date, there are some tried and true guidelines that most dudes can agree on. There’s not one picture-perfect template all women should strive to fit, but there are some crucial ways to help get your cute little selves on your way to flowers and second dates. Women have made many attempts at conquering the subject, but to think like a man, it’s always best to go straight to the source.

Let Your Clothes Do Some Talking

Ask me where we’re going; if it’s a surprise, then ask for a hint that will help you dress properly. After all, you don’t want to be caught in a mini-skirt on a trail ride or jodhpurs at a five-star gala. Clothes may be a somewhat superficial aspect of an evening out, but the wrong ones can quickly become an impractical cliché.

The way you present yourself on a first date may influence both your conduct and that of your date. I am aware that I dislike appearing disorganised when I am out in public. It throws everything off and gives me severe self-consciousness.

Less Really is More

A little mystery goes a long way when it comes to style. If you leave a little to the imagination, it leaves us wanting more. Guys might enjoy a fleshy spectacle here and there, but they generally flock towards deeper relationships with girls who are confident enough not to have to advertise. An ideal balance would be an outfit that flatters your favourite features yet leaves plenty to our hungry imaginations. Give us a chance to be enchanted by who you are before your birthday suit gets explored.

Keep That Visage Au Naturelle

Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural attributes, and it’s not supposed to be a clown mask that mangles you into a duck-faced caricature. We want to see your natural pout, so it’s best to stick to soft and subtle hues for your lips. Plus, you never know what it’ll look like at the end of the night.

Show That Healthy Glow

A soft rosy glow gives your cheeks a girlish charm that can melt any man’s heart. Too much, and you’ll look like you got smacked with a raw beef patty. The trick is to make us think our suave alone tickled your cheeks enough to incite that subtle pink glow. When you choose a blush, pick a colour that’s pink, not red, and matches your cheeks when you’re happy.

The Subtle Scent of a Woman

A faint mist of perfume does the trick; don’t feel the need to douse on fruity and flowery scents. Perhaps we’re going to a restaurant where your dinner’s aroma is succulent, or there’s a bouquet of flowers waiting for you in the car. You don’t want to bombard our nostrils with too strong a stench. A quick spritz on the neck and wrists should do the trick, then let your natural scent be the star of our senses.

Just like ladies, guys who are looking for an honest, happy relationship want to see behind the curtain, to get a glimpse of the real you. We want to know you take care of yourself without feeling the need to be constantly adorned in flashy paint and costume.

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