14 Signs To Know If A Co-Worker Likes You

It can be difficult to tell whether a co-worker likes you or not, as professional environments and rules may discourage or prohibit relationships. As a result, the signs that a coworker likes you may be subtle and go unnoticed.

Here are the main signs to know if a coworker likes you:

1. He pays more attention to you than the rest

If a coworker pays more attention to you than to other colleagues through in-person interactions, private chats, or frequent visits to your office, it could be a sign that they like you.

You must know how to differentiate friendliness from liking and attraction. Some people are very sociable and are attentive to all their colleagues to help them with their tasks or to chat.

However, if you see that he is more attentive to you than the rest, that he is always looking to talk to you or shows special interest in helping you with your things, it is an excellent sign that he is attracted to you.


2. He shows special interest in your private life

It is normal for a colleague to show interest in your work, but when the interest is focused on your private life, he may have other intentions.

If you see that he is interested in knowing what you like to do, what your hobbies are, what places you frequent and like to visit and especially if you are single or have a partner, it is most likely that this coworker likes you.

3. He always wants to be close to you

If a coworker consistently tries to be near you or follow you, even when it is not necessary for work purposes, it may be a sign that they have feelings for you.

If a man has feelings for a woman, he may desire to be near her as much as possible. This can manifest in a colleague trying to join you for lunch, attending meetings or group outings together, or participating in the same conferences. It could be a sign if you notice a coworker consistently seeking out opportunities to be near you.

Another very obvious sign is that he looks for closeness in addition to being where you are. For example, in meetings, he will try to sit next to you and at lunch or break time.


4. Come up with things to talk about

A very common sign is the attempt to communicate at all times, even if it is inventing silly excuses to ask you about topics that you know little about or that many others at work could clarify better.

The need for conversation is a very common thing when two people are attracted to each other. It is frequent that the interested person seeks to talk, so you should be attentive to the partner you suspect.

Pay attention: if he always asks your opinion in conferences or meetings, what do you think, what do you believe, what would you change, or what do you think… it shows that he is interested in you.

5. He looks at you often

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and, in this case, it is no exception. One of the signs that you should be more attentive to is the look.

He may be interested if you have caught him watching you repeatedly or seeing him frequently giving you a furtive glance.

You need to be able to differentiate between looks of attraction or interest and normal glances.

For example, if you are giving a presentation or making a point, it is normal to be watched. But when you catch it for no apparent reason, it shows that they find you interesting.

Pay attention to the intensity of a coworker’s gaze, how often they look at you, and whether they hold eye contact or turn away when you look back. These behaviours can give you insight into their level of interest in you and their personality.

If he holds your gaze long enough to intimidate you, it means he’s confident and determined; he’s going for what he wants and is just waiting for the right moment to invite you in.

On the contrary, if a coworker does not maintain eye contact with you or only glances at you briefly, it could indicate that they like you but may not be fully committed or confident in pursuing a relationship. Alternatively, it could also be a sign of shyness, where you may need to take the lead to move forward.


6. He always smiles at you

Smiling says a lot about people. It is normal to smile at work because it creates a pleasant atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you see that your partner watches you and smiles at you repeatedly for no apparent reason, it may be that he likes you.

7. Try to contact you outside of work

If a coworker tries to contact you outside of work hours, either through work-related excuses or to check in, it could strongly indicate that they have feelings for you. 

If they reach out to you through calls, messaging apps, or other means of communication, it may be a sign that they want to spend more time with you and have a deeper connection.

8. Compliments you frequently

Pay attention to the compliments your partner gives you. They are usually more discreet at work, and you may not notice them.

Things like “you look nice” or “nice blouse” can indicate that he is attracted to you. Also, if he compliments your work like “you were great at the meeting,” it may indicate that he likes you.

9. He’s attentive to details

Most coworkers are only attentive to the important points mentioned to them and ignore the details told to them, both at work and in life.

Therefore, if the colleague you suspect remembers the finer details of what you tell them, whether it’s about a project or your personal life, it means they care about you.

Also, if he notices changes that are not so obvious to others, such as a haircut, a change of colouring or a new blouse, it indicates that he likes you.


Pay attention to his behaviour to find out if a guy likes you. If he imitates the things you do, for example, if you smile and he smiles, he may be attracted to you.

Also, if he agrees with all your opinions, for example, if you thought a movie was good and he thought it was good, or if you are annoyed by a situation, and he is annoyed by the same thing.

10. He speaks ambiguously

Pay attention if, when he speaks, he tries to convey another message. When he tells you something, he does it ambiguously or says things in playfulness but with some mischief. Try to read between the lines.

11. He dresses up more than usual

Guys dress up too. If you see him wearing new or flashier outfits – and especially if he applies more perfume – this is a very characteristic sign that he’s attracted to you and wants to impress.

12. He gives you gifts

A very obvious sign that a guy likes you is that he tries to give you gifts. Of course, he has to do it in disguise since you are at work.

So, watch out if he arrives with a coffee, cookies or breakfast because “he noticed that you haven’t eaten” or because “he saw that you like mocha and stopped by the cafeteria”.

13. He parks close to you

Pay attention if he parks his car near yours in the parking lot. This may mean that he is attracted to you.

He may approach you on the spot, either to chat or to walk with you to the office.

14. Offers to give you a ride

If your partner offers to give you a ride home from work frequently (or on your way out of the office), he may like you.

If he insists on giving you a ride home when he has to go out of his way to do so or forces himself on others to give you a ride, he may want to spend time with you.

Some guys are less confident than others, and it is harder to see the signals they send when they like you.

If you want to know if a shy coworker likes you, you should be much more attentive to the details, as they can easily go unnoticed.

Shy people tend to hide much of what they feel and will not try to talk to you directly or invite you, but you must be very attentive to body language.

Here is the most common body signals you should pay special attention to know if a shy coworker likes you

Body language that indicates a coworker likes you

Among the most common signs that indicate that guy is crazy about you, you should consider:

1) He’s always looking for eye contact. But if he’s shy, he may not hold it for long.

2) He leans his body towards you, as he wants more proximity and shows his interest.

3) Watch your mouth when you converse. This is a very common occurrence, as desire causes him to focus on your lips when you talk.

4) Tilting their head towards you while you are speaking to each other could signify that they are particularly interested in what you have to say and want to learn more.

5) He Sits with his legs wide open when talking to you. Unconsciously this is done by men when they are interested in someone as if to say, “I invite you to me without reservation”.

6) Dilated pupils indicate that the person likes you; if they constrict, it means they repel you.

7) He smiles at you frequently, and he always has a big smile when you are talking.

8) He tries to touch you, not in a rough way, but with subtle touches when he hands you a folder or when you pass by.

Keep in mind these tips on knowing if a coworker likes you so you don’t make a mistake and discover that admirer.

Also, if you want to be more sure, you can always take tests to find out if a coworker likes you, where you will be asked strategic questions to help you clarify your confusion.

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