10 Tips On How To Stop A Divorce

In the 5 minutes, it will take you to read this article; you will learn everything you need to know how to stop a divorce NOW. The best part is you will learn how to get your partner back! You don’t have to explain to the family what went wrong; you don’t have to lose your children and life partner. Here we go!


 1. Do not contact them!

The news of your partner wanting a divorce is shattering. You are flooded with painful emotions and need some urgent comfort, or else it feels like you’re not going to make it. This is a terrible state to be in when trying to rekindle the lost love, and you will only do more damage than anything else. It’s the neediness that will drive your partner even further away. Get a friend to keep your phone, even if it is just for the first few days.

2. For guaranteed results, it’s going to take a little time.

Just prepare yourself right now for the fact that this whole process, going from your partner just telling you that they want a divorce all the way to being back together happier than ever, will take about a maximum of one month. This is the average time it has taken all my clients I have helped in the past. I know that you feel you need to fix things right now, but let me tell you why it’s okay that the process takes a month.

3. Your partner will be waiting for you, even if they don’t know it themselves.

The fact that you and your partner got married in the first place implies that you both have emotionally dedicated a lot to this relationship. One of the biggest fears people have is that their partner will have found somebody else before the month is over. Believe me now when I say this, not once has this ever come true for anybody I helped. Your partner is feeling the guilt and pain just as bad and even though they may appear happy, let me reassure you that they are hurting just as much, if not more, than you. It’s a huge part of their lives that has just been ripped away, and it is in their mind all of the time.

4. Give yourself a break.

This is the first important step you have to take and physically apply. Getting your head sorted out is a key factor in saving your marriage. Do the things you stopped doing when you got married. Take up a favourite hobby again, dedicate more time to your work, start exercising, anything to get your mind off of your partner and get you through the excruciating initial pain. This is where you are starting to make great progress, even if you do not realize it right now.

5. Remember the good…and the bad.

People tend to forget about the negative traits their partner has completely. You need them back so badly, so you push the bad stuff to the back of your mind. This is not a good thing, my friend. You should remember all the great things about relationships and why you fell in love in the first place. Also, what has happened to all those things? Did it get lost in your daily routine? Then, remember that your partner just asked for a divorce, so clearly, some things are not going too well. You need to become aware of these things, as a mindless daily routine is a huge passion killer.

6. You don’t need them to survive.

That feeling of an empty, cold space where your heart used to be is what convinces you that you are sure to die in the next few days if you do not get your partner back. This tragic medical condition is called “you-need-to-become-happy-with-yourself-first” syndrome. The cure for it is to realize that you are doing it wrong by allowing any other person to have this type of control over you. Know that you can be happier than ever before by being happy and content with yourself. Your partner only complements the things that make you a great person! They themselves definitely do not make you a great person. It’s all you.

7. Break the pattern.

A huge deciding factor for your partner in taking you back is their impression of you when they see you again for the first time after the month break. So this gives you a month to break your daily pattern and start adding points to your “interesting-o-meter”. It’s a real scale, even if it only exists in people’s minds. You should pay attention to it.

A few cheap but highly effective things you can do is to get some new, trendy clothes, change your hairstyle, join a gym (and actually go there to exercise), take good care of your skin and get a tan. All these things send subconscious messages to the opposite sex, indicating that you are healthy, and this attracts people to you like crazy. You’ve seen those make-over shows; you know how amazing a few simple changes can be.

8. Decide if getting back together is the best.

When your partner just told you they wanted a divorce, this wasn’t even a question. But your perspective will have changed after a few days, during which you will have time to digest all of this. If you have children together, it makes complete sense to want to get back together. However, if you were in an abusive relationship like some of my clients, you should consider the implications of trying to save the marriage. Moving on might be painful now, but it will save you from endless unnecessary drama and emotional scars in the long run.

9. You need a strategy.

If you have decided that it’s in the best interest of everybody involved to get back together, this is what you should do. Having a clearly defined strategy is the most critical step to getting your partner back in record time. Please don’t make the mistake of just vaguely knowing what to do next. The clearer your plan of action is, the better. You cannot go wrong if you have a proven system that has worked for thousands of others.

10. Execute!

The step-by-step system you want is The Magic Of Making Up. This book will help you get your head sorted out and has the complete system you need to get your partner back in the least amount of time. Time is of the essence, so you need to go and check it out here right now.

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