What is Love? – Is It Really Just an Emotion

Love is sometimes known as a feeling of emotion, yet, at times, it is a choice. Most importantly, love must contain several attributes for it to be love.

Love, too many people involve any of many emotions that are in relation to a sense of intense feelings or affection. However, out of all the emotions that mankind experiences, love is likely the most powerful and complex emotion a person can experience.

People use the word love to describe a strong like or affection for many things, even inanimate objects such as a car, a home, or even something as simple as a keychain.

Loving People in General

When one sincerely loves people, he seeks to treat others kindly and respectfully, as he would like to be treated. Loving people doesn’t necessarily mean that you must, or will always, feel intense emotion for the person.

Love is therefore a choice at times and action aside from an emotional feeling. Consequently, you can choose to love people through your actions. You love people when you choose to treat them right. Action speaks louder than words; talk is cheap. If you care for someone, you will respect how the person feels and not do things that frustrate him or her – not on purpose, anyway.

Love, Dating, and Marriage

Married couples have days when the passion and emotion for their spouse are not at an all-time high due to everyday frustrations and imperfections in life.

As a result, there are times when they don’t even necessarily, like each other but will have to choose to love their spouses with acts of kindness anyway. Couples who are dating and contemplating marriage should realize and understand this before walking down the aisle.


Love and Romance Between a Husband and Wife

The love between a husband and wife, however, is certainly a different kind of love in comparison to loving inanimate objects. It is a deep, romantic love established by the creator of the first man and woman on earth, Adam and Eve, and it affects us in so many different ways. According to Times magazine writers Paul Gray, Hannah Bloch, and Sally B. Donnelly, in the article “What Is Love,” dated February 15, 1993, love can even be misunderstood for an illness such as a manic attack or even indigestion.

Love is an emotion that can make you very angry at the one you love, exceedingly sad, or incredibly happy with the one you love. No wonder it can be mistaken for a manic attack.

In times past, romantic love wasn’t taken very seriously by experts such as scientists and, in their opinion, was not very worthy of study or research. However, poets, novelists, and playwrights have always honored love and its amazing and consuming power over human beings.

However, scientists eventually took love more seriously, according to the Time article above. They eventually felt that studying the powerful force that unites couples closely together was worth studying. The fact that so many cultures are consumed by it, although love is demonstrated in varying ways from culture to culture, has caused scientists to realize that love is not only a vain plot derived out of western mentality but that love and romance are definitely real and is worth attempting to get a better understanding of it.

Many also believe that love is not necessary for romance. Yet, love is often and unexpectedly developed amid romance.

The love between a husband and wife also involves passionate, romantic, and sexual love, which ardently demonstrates and expresses your love for one another and should never be held back from one another for selfish and unreasonable reasons. Your sexual expression of love is a powerful way to keep and maintain your bond of emotional love for each other.

The Characteristics and Meaning of Love

The attributes of love are many. Love is kind and patient. Love is not boastful, flashy or showy. However, because people are imperfect, you will never find perfect love in a human being; that is, in the sense that your mate or another human being will never make a mistake in attempting to love you.

If a person sincerely loves, however, he or she will sincerely apologize when he or she has done something wrong or offended someone, whether intentionally or unintentionally. However, the apology should be sincere and not just involve lip service; it should be a sincere desire to make things right.

Therefore, love is not prideful. Love protects those whom he or she loves. It is positive and encouraging. Love involves commitment and loyalty. It is truthful and honest and hopes for the best. It is forgiving, can be trusted, and trusts in return. Love is thoughtful and considerate of the feelings of others and makes sacrifices for one another.

Whether it is romantic love that you are hoping for or simply desiring to love people better, you must understand that to love someone or anyone genuinely, you must first learn to love yourself and have a healthy mental and emotional state.

Loving the Unlovely

There are many people who do not know how to love because they may have never seen it or experienced love themselves when they were young children. As a result, they treat or abuse people according to their experiences of how they were treated.

With people like this, you can choose to love them by showing them acts of kindness so they can finally experience the beauty of being cared for and loved by someone. In doing so, it will help them to understand how they really should respond to others and what it means to love. However, in showing kindness and caring for someone who is not very respectful of others, be careful not to allow them to endanger your life or cause you to become bitter yourself while you try to show them kindness and love.

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