Why Do Women Cheat?

Family life is based on fidelity and understanding between at least two people. Violence or infidelity ruins this atmosphere of harmony. As a result, the family may be drastically destroyed. One of the most serious reasons for this marriage catastrophe is cheating. Men cheating and women cheating are very common these days. This issue has been analyzed and discussed in many books and ‘talk’ shows. Why do people who were falling in love a month ago start cheating after marriage? What happens in their lives and their mentality? What makes people cheat?

Let’s start our brief discussion about women cheating. Why do women cheat? In some cultures, it is believed that only women can cheat. Nowadays, psychologists and family experts name several most important problems that provide answers. Women’s infidelity in marriage can be explained by these key features: ‘infernal’ women’s nature, social instability in family life, psychological misunderstanding, sexual disconnections, and masculine business. All these factors, to come extent, make women cheat and behave badly in family life.

What is more, some doctors say that the social standards these days in a global sense, make people free. So this freedom transforms into sexual freedom even after marriage. Men and women are supposed to cheat by social rules. Anyway, let’s first discuss the inner widely spread problems related to women cheating and not the global trends we have these days.

‘Infernal’ women’s nature

Sometimes, we can hear that women are structured to cheat. This means that a kind of infernal power inside women moves them to behave this way. Women’s infernal beauty makes men like silly boys (even if they have wives and children). This stereotype is constructed in many European and American countries. In eastern countries, we know that according to local traditions, women are not allowed to show their beauty to other men except for the family. So, speaking globally, women’s beauty is considered to have some magic patterns that can destroy family life. Even more than that. As we know from world history, women were supposed to be witched in the Middle Ages and later.

As the world thinkers say, all these explanations were created by men to demonstrate their prudence and ‘virginity.’ Men cannot cheat, but cheating comes from women’s side. Women make men so weak and silly. Men’s community has used these cultural masks and stereotypes for many centuries. And the feministic twist and gender studies destroyed it, paying attention that men wanted to protect themselves for centuries using this myth. Infernal women’s nature as a source for women cheating is a male project and male interpretation of women’s behavior.

Social instability in family life

However, sometimes family life deteriorates, and women’s infidelity in marriage is a serious problem. Why do women cheat? As we know, family is a small copy of the entire world; it is like a small community that can be compared with the world. Family life is based on some social rules and conventions. If we have a kind of social instability in the world, this may result in strikes, riots, or wars. The same processes occur in the family. If a husband cannot support his family, if he is rejected from the social position of his social status is poor, then his wife has to find a solution.

Women are more structured to think about children and family. So, lack of financial support pushes women to find another ‘sponsor’ for themselves and their children. Women make all possible to organise stability even in the not authorized manner. This, of course, provokes women’s infidelity in marriage. Women’s prostitution is also supposed to be a form of living. Women decide to ‘sell’ their bodies to find any financial benefit for their parents (who are old and weak) or children (when the husband leaves a family without any financial perspective.)

Psychological misunderstanding

The psychological atmosphere in the family is one of the most important factors that guarantee tolerance, fidelity, and happiness between people. Of course, in the dating period, people do not think strategically. They fall in love, and the strong feeling seems to be the only way to connect. In family life, love may not be so volcanic and hurricane-like, but people still need to find a suitable case for staying together.

Psychological balance is a key factor in such a situation. It means that people must rely on each other and behave considering others’ preferences. When she is sleeping, and you need to go—do it silently. When you are tired, and she asks you to repair something in the room—try to find a compromise not to become a victim of permanent strikes and family battles.

Aggressiveness provokes family separation. In this way, when the psychological atmosphere is not positive, and the temperature of family quarrels is beyond any measure, cheating is the only way to have a mental balance inside you. Women become shy, and they behave modestly. They do not cry and do not break the lovely vases or plates. Sometimes, this situates when women find someone else who understands their inner psychological world. Sexuality is the only sphere of connection between a woman and her lover, which helps people not to talk about constant family problems and necessities.

Sexual disconnections

Of course, sexual harmony is also an important factor that annihilates women cheating. Some women have strong sexual desires, and some have modest sexuality. At different ages, this proportion may change. Sexual disorders in family life lead to stress and an aggressive and intolerant atmosphere. Why do women cheat? Because they want someone whose sexuality is mighty equivalent.

Some women need a macho-lover who realises all sexual ‘phantasms.’ As sexologists say, disputes in sexual energies in family life have become a serious problem these days. People live in constant haste, aridity, and disenchantment. In this way, when a husband comes and comes deeply at night after long business conferences and talks, he needs natural sleep. But if your husband is the head of the company, this may cause a problem that provokes women’s infidelity in marriage. In commuter families, women can live too far from their husbands. Not all women are ready to accept this game. Or perhaps it seems they can, but in the end, commuter families become destroyed due to women’s infidelity and cheating when men struggle for business interests.

In the end…

In this way, we can finally see that women’s infidelity in marriage is a common phenomenon in the contemporary world based on different social, psychological, and sexual disorders and misunderstandings. Why do women cheat? This is because they cannot find family harmony and they cannot realise their potential desires and roles (in the social sphere or sex). The reasons may be different and unexpected. This article spotlights just several points according to the world statistics on women cheating motivations.

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