Women Body Language Flirting Signs

Reading body language enables mutual understanding between two partners. As psychologists say, over 90% of body language signs are subconscious and uncontrolled. These are our signals to the opposite sex that we sometimes cannot stop giving. In fact, these body language signals are also known as our non-verbal leakage. Our languages can unite people and make them isolated at the same time. Flirting body signals often demonstrate the positive power of love acceptance. This means that they are structured to catch someone’s attention and feelings. Spider creates a net for the fly.

People reply with subconscious body language, flirting when they are ready to love. Flirting is a very old sort of emotional reply that comes from the basic levels of our neuromental operating machine. Maybe you have enjoyed different Renaissance and Rococo paintings when a fully grown young man ogles and flirts with the nymphs. The Ancient mythological narrations postulate that flirting was a revelation of Aphrodite’s nature. Amur seems to be a constantly flirting guy. Our mind was structured to create that god and to be able to flirt, demonstrating our subconscious emotional expectations.


Body language signs explain the inner atmosphere of the beloved, the specific attitude, and possible future perspectives for two people. Flirting signs help us react adequately in clubs and discos, dating meetings, and fests. This piece of poetry written by the British poet Vera Rich demonstrates the great and valuable power of flirting in an ironic way:

A passing Girl Guide ogles us,

A-flirting and a-vamping,

A passing Girl Guide ogles us,

A-flirting and a-vamping.

We think her a foolish Miss,

So when she blows us a kiss,

We just holler: “Bye-bye, Sis!”

As off we go a-camping.


Flirting is, to some extent a sort of vampirism. People who demonstrate body language flirting signs want to absorb the energy love evaporated by someone else. In this way, reading body language is extremely important.

Of course, sometimes flirting can be so crushing and ruthless that you must stop this attack. So, reading body language signs is important to find the right person for love and to be able to protect yourself from astonishing sexual vampireism. The flirting trick is not to send out a bunch of fake signals but to be relaxed enough to send out the signals that say ‘I’m quite interested in you, ‘I want your love’ rather than ‘I’m terrified and shocked’ and to be aware so that you can recognize the signals when they are being sent your way! Flirting means the game of emotional acceptance and not a catastrophe you have to escape from.

Body Language

Body language flirting unites different people who have the same emotional status, who are ready to erupt volcanically, or to stay in loneliness. These signs help men and women stay together and behave the right way—kisses, embraces, and sexual life exists in the dimension of flirting signs. To read a book, you need rules of how to provide a reading. Reading body language signs, you need to be emotionally, psychologically, and sexually experienced.

All these body signs mean ‘Yes,’ but the level of saying ‘Yes’ may differ. For men, it is important to be attentive in the following situations connected with women’s flirting:

She enters your personal space and wants to be as much closer to you as it is possible for that moment. The caliber and character of her invasion will give you cues as to how you should respond. Entering personal space is the most visible body language sign.

She makes you talk. Giving the word to the man allows her to maintain eye contact, play with her hair, lightly touch you, and mimic your mannerisms, among other flirting techniques, while speaking to you. Women behave in a very egocentric way when they flirt. For this reason, approaching a man to talk means having time to demonstrate her essential female features. A classic female flirting technique (shown in thousands of movies and advertisements) is when she touches her hair (but men do it too.) Hair is a quiet private space for each person. In fact, being in contact with the heart means have a first date or even your first sex.

Outstanding eye contact is also the most convincing body language flirting sign. In this way, she’s stating that she is not interested in games and that her intentions are straightforward. The duration of eye contact is proportional to her level of initial interest. However, this sign is often used by men, also. Guys do not pay much attention to those who are not interesting to them.

Touching is also an amazing flirting sign. The slight touch that sends chills up both your spines and makes your hair stand on end is one of the hallmark signs she’s flirting. If she touches your hair or face, be sure that the flirting game has started. Nothing gets your attention like someone moving in to stand or sit close to you.

Smiling is the simplest flirting attribute. When a woman is interested in you, her smile can hold your attention. This is logical. Smiling unites people.

She keeps walking by so that you understand her direct intention to become closer to your private space. If it seems like she continues to walk by with apparently no sense of why she’s there, she’s there for you.

She draws attention to her mouth and lips. Woman lips can be extremely seductive, and she’s fully aware of this fact. Flirting means emphasizing the most seductive zones of the private ‘space.’ When the flirting game opens, you’ll see her red lips even before you hear her voice. Then be sure that her flirting is OK.

Sometimes, women’s flirting is connected with isolation. Seldom do ladies escape from the fortress of their friends and love-wishers. But if this happens, you can see that she is flirting with catching your attention and saying that she is ready to find a safe place in your heart and your soul.

She mimics your body movements, which means she wants to behave like you. Even if it happens ironically, she subconsciously wants to catch your eye and prove to you that she is a lady, but men and women have much in common. If she’s mimicking your mannerisms, then be sure that this lady is ready to accept your lifestyle and to share your physical and mental life.

For sure, sexy lingerie, erotic clothing, and playwear demonstrate flirting signals. All this is important for the more adventurous flirt with you.

Speaking frankly, men also flirt, and men love flirting. In this way, flirting can be a source of disasters and cheating. But I think this is an absolutely new story… Mentioned flirting cues ensure that the man will concentrate his attention on a lady. And his heart will be beating stronger to greet him. And then… go flirting with another?

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